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While Square Enix is ​​most famous for its Final Fantasy series (and is currently working on the latest entry), a new JRPG project was revealed in June 2020 as a new title for PlayStation 5 under the code name Project Athia. Was. The new game caught the eye of many gamers for the spectacular visuals on display and the promise of a new world from respected JRPG developers. After the initial reveal, we didn’t get to know much about this interesting new project. We only knew that the developer, Luminous Productions, was made up of several members of Final Fantasy 15 Team.

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Now that more time has passed, new details and forms of the game have emerged. One of the most important, of course, is the actual title of the game: left. Between the trailers, extended gameplay demos, and details provided by the developers, we’ve got a good deal of work to do on what the story of this game is, how it’ll play, and when we’ll be able to get it. hand on it. If You’re Excited About This Brand New JRPG Experience, Here’s Everything We Know left.

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release date

The hero of Forspoken looks through a purple portal.

It took us a while to guess when we’d actually be able to play forspoken itself, but in September 2021 at the PlayStation Showcase, it was officially announced that forspoken Was targeting a spring 2022 release date. Spring is still a rough window, but we’re excited to hear that it’s expected to happen so soon. Keep an eye on this article for when to give a specific date.


Frey stands on a cliff overlooking the clouds.

The game has been associated with Sony since it first came out, and Square Enix also has a long history with this platform holder, so forspoken Being console exclusive was a safe assumption. We got all the important details by reading the fine print at the end of a trailer. Yes, forspoken There will be an exclusive console for the PS5, but with some asterisks. First, it’s also coming to PC, probably at the same time. Second, uniqueness is not permanent. The text states that it will not be made available on other platforms for at least 24 months from the date of its release. If you’ve been waiting for this game on the Xbox platform, that’s a very long time to wait for the game, but at least it’s not a permanent exclusive.


The newest trailer for PlayStation Showcase is where we get the best look forspoken It really is, and boy is it something. This JRPG begins in modern times, introducing us to the main character, Frey Holland, who is on a quest to escape his life in the city. Thanks to some kind of portal, she has made her wish come true, but maybe not as she wanted. Now trapped in this more traditional fantasy world called Athiya, she is introduced to her talking cuff who also grants her special powers.

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Frey is on the Nerdshala of turning 21 when she is cast out of her world and put in danger by Athiya. She will have to battle the evil forces of the new world if she wants to bring her beloved cat back home.

It is revealed that Frey is seen as the person who will rid the world of Athia from the demons that plague it, as well as creatures known as Tantas who exercise control over the people who live there. claim. Tantas is led by someone named Tanta Silla, who will likely be the final boss he needs to overcome based on how Frey is portrayed in the trailer.

legend of foreshadowing There are some big names behind this. Outside the team within Luminous Productions, the writing team included Gary Whitta, who was a writer. Star Wars: Rogue Onehandjob Hunt, and several comic book runs, as well as Amy Hennig, who wrote the original Uncharted trilogy for the Naughtydog and Soul Rivers games.

In addition to Frey and Cuffe, there are few other characters involved in this story that we know of. Jogedy is an archivist who will help guide Frey in her exploration of this new world, and Auden is described as “a kind and open-minded young woman who prioritizes the needs of others before her own. She is quick to accept Frey in Athiya and sees more in her than in Frey.

The areas of Athia we’ve seen appear to be typical fictional castles and kingdom-type civilizations, as well as mountainous regions, forest areas, and desert-like environments. Strangely, we’ve only seen a glimpse of the different types of biomes and regions we’ll get to see throughout the game.


According to the trailer, Forspoken's villain.

The latest trailer had a lot of gameplay for us to dig our teeth out for. We already knew that Frey would unleash various magical abilities, but now we’ve seen many of them in action. It appears to have a more standard, fast-firing magic explosion that he can fly at enemies, but also some sort of shield, house water ornaments, vines, and explosive traps. What was really exciting was the way Frey moves through the environment.

Frey walks fast. Really, really fast. Not only does she seem to have some insane parkour skills, but she can also use her magic to make her movement even smoother, faster, and more versatile. She seems to be able to spin and twist in the air to prolong her airtime, climb flat surfaces with ease, and she can even wield a magic rope that she can pull herself. It appears that she does not take any damage from falling over deadly heights.

Combat is much more active, rather than turn-based or tactical, and it seems like it can take place anywhere. We see Frey fighting in open fields, interiors, and what looks like city squares. The range of enemies runs the gamut from zombie-looking evil humanoids to winged creatures in the sky and even “strange dragons”.

As for the finer details, we have strong feelings, but we can’t be sure. The game looks like it will be an open world based on how big the atmosphere is and how much emphasis was put into making Frey move quickly on the ground. We also expect a lot of side quests, optional areas to explore, maybe collectibles, and things of that nature in addition to the main quest. We also don’t know how the new spell will work or whether there is a system in place to improve your existing spell. Would there be any other option than just magic? We also see Frey dressed differently, so that he’s tied to some sort of armor or gear system.


Frey shooting magic at a flying enemy.

Even though there is no confirmation one way or the other, we are pretty confident that there will be no multiplayer of any kind in this game. Everything we’ve seen shows Frey acting alone, at least outside of cutscenes and things of that nature. Even his “companion” character is his cuff, which wouldn’t lend itself to multiplayer at all. Most JRPGs are better as single-player experiences, so we’re good with that forspoken Offering a polished solo adventure.


Opening view of Forspoken.

At first we were prepared to say with confidence that forspoken There wouldn’t be DLC because we didn’t have multiplayer, unless we reflect for a moment. This team, which again is largely the same as who made Final Fantasy 15, has a track record of adding content post launch. FF15 It’s got more DLC than many expected, including a multiplayer mode alone, so anything is possible. Given, Final Fantasy 15 There was a… let’s call it Troubled … development and launch that made the DLC feel all the more necessary.

Since we don’t even know what the gameplay flow will actually look like left, Any idea of ​​what the DLC will be is up in the air.

pre order

Spring 2022 is fast approaching, but without a hard date to put it, there’s no way to pre-order forspoken So far. As the date approaches, we’ll let you know where and how to pre-order the game’s versions here.

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