Everything we know about Guardians of the Galaxy

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Guardians of the Galaxy Is the next installment in MGU (Marvel Gaming Universe). Recent history hasn’t been very kind to Marvel games because marvel: avengers The player base never quite achieved the kind the developers had hoped for. Now, Square Enix hopes to perfect the Star-Ship Guardians of the Galaxy. With a full reveal trailer, gameplay trailer, and inside scoop available, The Guardian looks like a Marvel game fans can get excited for. Releasing October 26, 2021, Here’s Everything We Know Guardians of the Galaxy.

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release date

Star Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy video game.

Guardians of the Galaxy Will release for all platforms on October 26, 2021, with the cloud version of Nintendo Switch arriving on the same day. Developed by Eidos Montreal, a subsidiary of Square Enix, Guardians of the Galaxy is a Single-player Third-person Shooter/RPG. The game was officially revealed to back up at E3 2021 with a 10-minute gameplay trailer. The official launch trailer was released on October 12, providing a more in-depth look at the enemies and characters outside the Guardians themselves. We also got a glimpse of a handful of characters available to unlock in-game.


The Guardians of the Galaxy is facing a giant alien.

Guardians of the Galaxy Will be available on October 26, 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. There will also be a cloud version of the game for the Nintendo Switch. Since current-gen consoles are still hard to find, you can rest assured that Guardians of the Galaxy PS4/Xbox One to PS5/Xbox Series X|S . will come with a free upgrade

will not be able to buy a physical copy of you Guardians of the Galaxy For Nintendo Switch. It will be available in digital form only through Switch Shop. Switch players will not have access to the deluxe version of the game as it will only be available to them in standard form.


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We currently have several trailers in the works – the official release trailer (above) and 10 minutes Gameplay Trailer Linked Here. Both give us a pretty good view of what players can expect Guardians of the Galaxy. Anything backed by Motley Fool Crew’s “Kickstart My Heart” (which is undergoing something of a rebirth in today’s pop culture) is sure to be a wild ride. For more, you can also see a Short Inside Look Video.

We’ve also got some short trailers revealing Guardians of the Galaxy The main antagonists, Lady Hellbender, and Unifier Raker. From what we’ve been seeing so far, it looks like the Unifier Racer is at the center of the game’s overall plot, which is explained further Guardians of the Galaxy story trailer.

Finally, and probably the cutest new version for Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmo the Space Dog! Cosmo is a Labrador retriever who wears a spacesuit and talks with a coarse Russian accent. He serves as the security chief at Nowhere, and he’s got a bone to pick up with the Guardians (pun intended). Cosmo has a problem that needs the help of the Guardians to solve it. Universal Truth’s Unifier Raker Church is causing a stir in the Galaxy, becoming something like a thorn in Cosmo’s claw.

In Square Enix Fashion, Guardians Maintains an action/RPG aesthetic with multiple waves of enemies to defeat Star-Lord and his team. Marvel fans may be disappointed to see the trailers above marvel: avengers, To worry. However, both the games have their distinct differences. We will highlight these in the next section.


Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy Punching.

so how will Guardians of the Galaxy play, and what sets it apart marvel: avengers? First, Guardians of the Galaxy 100% single player. Players will control Star-Lord and will not be able to switch between characters. Instead, they will use the selection wheel to launch powerful attacks from their teammates.

For example, when the player is using Star-Lord’s jet boot to fly around the battlefield, as well as shoot down enemies with his elemental blasters, he will be able to attack any player targeting the player. Can trigger Drax to smackdown on an enemy. So how does this teammate wheel work, and what do we know about it?


The Star-Lord will always have keepers around him. These include Drax, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket. In the lower right corner of their screen, players will see their four teammates. They will choose a teammate and then choose a particular move. Each guardian plays a specific role on the battlefield. Rocket serves as the explosives specialist while Drax fills the role of Tank. Groot will keep his fellow Guardians healthy, revive the Star-Lord when he dies, and tie his enemies to his vines. In the end, Gamora smartly attacks, wielding her deadly katana.

Star-Lord’s companions are hotkeyed to square, triangle, circle, and X on the PlayStation controller (as in the trailer being played on the PlayStation console). Once selected, those same buttons will hotkey four different abilities for that hero. When selecting moves, the fight will enter slow motion, leaving you wondering what to do next. Battles will take place in real time as your companions control themselves through AI

Once players use one of their teammate’s abilities, it will enter a short cooldown. How long this cooldown lasts will be determined by the move selected for that hero. Eidos-Montreal hasn’t revealed any sort of skill-tree mechanic yet, nor a means to swap abilities for Star-Lord’s companions. However, we can expect inclusion in the final product. This is a Square Enix game, after all.

Star-Lord is armed with his iconic dual pistol, which has four fundamental fire types: light, ice, air, and fire. Star-Lord pistols operate on a cooldown system instead of lifting ammo. However, he can speed up the process with a good trigger pull, similar to the reload mechanic in Gears of War. The Star-Lord can also unlock special abilities through skill points that he earns when he levels up. These abilities are assigned to face buttons and are triggered by holding down the left analog stick, which seems to run the risk of being a weird mechanic as it is the sprint button of every other game. Each Guardian has its own skills and special moves to unlock as they earn XP on their own.

From the available gameplay footage, it doesn’t look like your fellow Guardians will take damage during combat. While they are susceptible to effects such as freeze, for example, it appears that they cannot be killed or dropped mid-fight. That, or Groot does a great job at passively healing his teammates. This takes the pressure off of keeping your teammates alive and allows you to focus on yourself as Star-Lord. The team-damage mechanic was a nuisance marvel: avengers, because the AI ​​proved unable to survive on the toughest difficulties.

Finally, once Star-Lord and the other Guardians have taken enough damage, he will be able to trigger his Huddle Up ability. You can think of it as the Guardians’ special ability as Star-Lord leaps into the air, takes out his iconic cassette player, and launches into a frenzy of attacks. Backed by some of the best rock ‘n’ roll of the 1980s (Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” is heard in the gameplay trailer), Star-Lord can use his teammates’ abilities without waiting for a cooldown. When Huddle Up is activated, the fight will end in a cinematic fashion by defeating the last enemy in an encounter.


Outside of combat, Guardians will traverse linear play areas as they move between battles. Otherwise his time will be spent in discord over the Star Ship. Players will make decisions that, like Mass Effect, affect the performance of the rest of the game.

For example, Drax grabs Rocket by the vest and prepares to throw it into a huge canyon. It’s up to the Star-Lord to stop Drax from slamming his furry companion or let him launch the rocket like a shot put. In the gameplay trailer, we see the player encourage Drax to toss the rocket. A notification then pops up saying, “Rocket is angry that you let Drax throw it.” Later, after Rocket refuses to help Star-Lord, a decision that may have played out differently, Star-Lord tells Drax to release him. According to the developers, such decisions would have “mildly horrifying consequences”.

When out in battle, players will find puzzles to solve, which can unlock new cosmetic collectibles for your teammates. The Star-Lord can use his elemental ammo to manipulate parts of the map and solve these puzzles. A gameplay video shows him freezing the motor on an uncontrolled sliding door that he and the parent can easily pass through.

games in the style of Guardians of the Galaxy Take the risk of going stale. Repetitive encounters and missions have influenced such titles, and this is why marvel: avengers Down with the fans. The gameplay sounds exciting, and the soundtrack sounds incredible, but that doesn’t change the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy Still the players have to keep entertained for hours till the end. We are crossing our fingers.


Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy with two cannons.

Guardians of the Galaxy Single player game. There are no signs of multiplayer arriving at launch nor in future content. Because players exclusively control Star-Lord, there is no way for other players to join the lobby to play as one of the other Guardians. From what the developers are saying, it doesn’t look like the ability to control another parent exists in the game code.


Gamora, Groot, Star Lord, Rocket and Drax.

It’s one thing to have a successful launch; Keeping the game relevant for months to come is an entirely different battle. Like sports from 2020 Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla And Call of Duty: Warzone Still creating new content for players to enjoy. Wish Guardians of the Galaxy be equivalent to those titles? The developers at Eidos-Montreal are committed to offering a complete game at launch.

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