Everything we know about Marvel’s Wolverine

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Sony and Insomniac Games stunned the world during its 2021 PlayStation Showcase, with a reveal for Marvel’s Wolverine. That’s right, Insomniac has been hard at work Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and now, this. This would be the first time Wolverine would star in his own game since 2009. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was based on the film of the same name.

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While Insomniac has proven itself in the superhero realm thanks to its Spider-Man games, Wolverine is an entirely different beast, so it will be interesting to see how the studio handles the character, especially its gameplay. It’s still early in development, but that hasn’t stopped us from gathering as much information as possible about the upcoming game.

Here’s Everything We Know About Marvel’s Wolverine.


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marvel wolverine release date

The destroyed bar in Marvel's Wolverine.

it’s a pity, Marvel’s Wolverine No release date yet. as part of a playstation blog postRyan Schneider, Head of Insomniac Franchise Strategy, said, “Marvel’s Wolverine Too early in development.” Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Received a release window of 2023, and the game definitely isn’t going to come out before that, we can assume Marvel’s Wolverine Won’t be ready until at least 2024.

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The announcement trailer (more on that below) was less than a minute long and it only gave us a brief glimpse at the tone and aesthetic, so there’s likely a long road ahead before it’s ready for launch.

Marvel’s Wolverine Platform

Closeup of enemy with knife in Marvel's Wolverine.

The only confirmed platform for Marvel’s Wolverine The PS5 was, and based on its expected release window of 2024, it likely won’t be available for the PS4. At the end of the announcement trailer, a line of text reads “PlayStation 5 in development,” so we know for sure.

We can almost certainly guarantee that Marvel’s Wolverine Will not come to Xbox Series X|S or Nintendo Switch, as Insomniac Games is a first-party Sony studio. It’s unlikely that Sony will allow Insomniac to make a game for a competitor’s platform, but it’s within the realm of possibility that it will come to PC. Sony is pushing for its first-party games to be ported to PC, and now that it owns the Nixx software, we’ll probably see more of it next.

Marvel’s Wolverine Trailer

Marvel’s Wolverine It stole the show thanks to its teaser trailer during its September 2021 PlayStation presentation. It depicts a trashed bar, possibly in the hands of Logan, as he sits down to enjoy a drink. It’s pretty much in line with the comics’ version of the character, and hopefully Insomniac has done its homework to make sure the game is as authentic as possible.

What was surprising was that many viewers assumed that this trailer was for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 First, based on the logos of Marvel and Insomniac. But then in the end the big revelation surprised us all. See it for yourself above.

Also, shout out to the license plate on the bar’s wall that reads “HLK 181”, a reference to The Incredible Hulk issue #181, Wolverine’s first appearance. It may just be a cheeky nod to the character’s rich history, but that’s not stopping us from hoping it means something else. can the hulk appear in it Marvel’s Wolverine? That would just be… unbelievable.

Marvel’s Wolverine Gameplay

Shot of Logan's back in Marvel's Wolverine.

Since no gameplay is shown in the trailer, we can only assume that this is how it will play out. Marvel’s Spider-Man. It will likely be action-oriented, with some sort of upgrade system, and possibly an open world (probably the same world that Marvel’s Spider-Man) But part of the appeal of Spider-Man games is its traversal system, in which players are able to swing freely around New York City.

Wolverine doesn’t have this ability, so it will be interesting to see how movement and traversal will be handled in the new game. Perhaps Wolverine will use his motorcycle to get around, which can be fun even though it’s different from web-slinging. Unlike Spider-Man games, Wolverine probably won’t rely on gadgets to defeat enemies. He’s a very different character than Peter Parker (and Miles Morales)—a grumpy veteran who uses his wits and claws during combat instead of an arsenal of weapons and toys. Insomniac has certainly earned our trust since its recent release, but it will certainly be interesting to see how Team Wolverine handles this aspect of Wolverine from a gameplay perspective.


Although multiplayer is not confirmed or denied, it is unlikely that you will be able to play with your friends Marvel’s Wolverine. Insomniac Games doesn’t have a lot of history in developing multiplayer games, so you should expect it to be a single-player experience. With Insomniac likely turning over to Marvel Video Game Studios, it’s possible that cooperative multiplayer will eventually be implemented in a later installment, but Wolverine probably isn’t the game starting that trend.


Closeup of enemy with knife in Marvel's Wolverine.

DLC on the other hand is practically a given Marvel’s Wolverine. as shown in Marvel’s Spider-Man, it is highly likely that the story of Wolverine will continue with additional story content after launch. In addition, there will likely be several costumes available to download, referencing multiple iterations of the character in the film and comics. Of course, the team is currently focusing on the main game, but we’d be surprised if the DLC didn’t arrive at a later date.

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