What happened now? In another sign that the graphics card market is returning to some form of normalcy, EVGA has begun cutting back on its Virtual GPU Queue program, which was introduced in 2020, to try and make buying an RTX 3000 series card a little fairer. .

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When EVGA rolled out its virtual queue system only released RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 cards almost two years ago, but it usually took a lot of money and even more luck to capture them.

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The EVGA system levels the playing field a bit by allowing users to select an Ampere card and press the auto-notify button. As soon as the card is in stock and you are next in the virtual queue, you will be sent a secure email with a link to buy the item – assuming it is purchased within 24 hours.

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Nose the collapse of the cryptocurrency and, as a result, a decrease in the profitability of mining, the prices of video cards are finally approaching, and in some cases under, Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) as availability increases. So EVGA is starting to shut down its virtual queue system.

Tom’s Equipment reports that the system is not killed in one turn. Instead, EVGA is removing orders from the queue for individual models, starting with the EVGA FTW3 cards. The publication has received word from EVGA confirming that the GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Gaming will no longer be part of the virtual queue from June 23rd as the company has enough inventory.

We can expect the rest of the RTX 3000 series cards to be removed from the virtual queue system as more stock becomes available, with the more expensive models likely to be first. But despite improved accessibility, it seems all things remain above MSRP on the EVGA website. However, the slow closing of the queue system is another positive sign for those looking to buy a new graphics card.