Exclusive: We’re all far more dependent on Teams and Zoom than we want to believe

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widespread dependence Cooperation And video conferencing New research shows that the services brought on by the pandemic posed significant business risk.

According to data collected by the software firm StarLeaf, provided exclusively Nerdshala Pro, almost all (97%) businesses say that equipment such as zoom, webex And teams are now necessary for their operation.


More than half (57%) of 2,000 UK-based respondents claimed that their company would not be able to work for more than an hour without access to their communication equipment, while 27% admitted they would not work for 30 minutes. Will struggle to work too.

What backup plan?

A large part of the workers are still confined to their own home office Because of the pandemic, it is clearly controversial to predict a continued dependence on Cloudbased collaboration software. What is surprising, however, is a lack of contingency planning among organisations, most of which are now completely dependent on these types of services for business continuity.

Despite this “overreliance”, only 32% of companies have installed a back-up plan that insures against service outages, which is relatively low. common in recent weeks, Among this group, a quarter said their contingency plan would include turning to consumer apps like WhatsApp, which are not suited to professional use cases.

StarLeaf says the consequences of downtime will be especially acute in areas like customer service and sales, in which employees are unable to do their jobs without access to communication tools.

Respondents registered serious concerns about the consequences of a halt in service due to an outage. Half of those surveyed suspect that such an event would seriously affect their company’s reputation, with a knock-on effect on the bottom line.

“The way of doing business is now primarily using communication platforms. And while this has many benefits, such as the ability to work from anywhere and hire employees from around the world, it leaves companies vulnerable to major disruption. The rapid pace of digital transformation over the past two years is the reason for this liability oversight,” said Mark Richter, CEO of Starleaf.

“As we look forward to 2022, businesses need to ensure they have a failover system in place so that they can continue to operate, no matter what happens on their Comus platform.”

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