Extra Crunch roundup: BNPL bonanza, scraping Toast’s S-1/A, early-stage SaaS pricing

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Are founders in fundraising mode when it comes to working with Chinese venture funds?

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Dennis Kalinin, Asia Business Development Manager at Runa Capital, studied data from iTjuzi, a database of Chinese venture capitalists, and found:

“…Chinese funds invested nearly $250 billion in 2020 (three times the figure reported in Crunchbase). This figure puts Chinese VC investments at only 30% less than investments from US funds, but UK funds and 12.5 times more than German funds.

Kalinin writes, the pandemic, geopolitical tensions and other factors prompted many Chinese venture funds to scale back their international investments, but this was largely “because during COVID, China’s economy was much larger than that of other countries.” Healed fast.”


Their analysis covers several angles: Chinese investments in Europe are catching up with those in Asia and the United States, half of China’s top cross-border investors are CVCs, and investors are particularly fintech, deep tech and Interested in digital health.

“Chinese investors can bring value to foreign startups, but you need to study their expertise and how it can be useful to you.”

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Space on Twitter today at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ETIn this article, managing editor Danny Crichton and immigration law attorney Sophie Alcorn will discuss whether remote working is making H-1B visas less important to international founders.

It begs a provocative question: If remote teams are becoming the norm, tech hubs are decentralizing and investors are comfortable cutting checks after a Zoom call, how important is it to do business as a startup inside the US?

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Toast looks to $18B valuation in upcoming IPO

Toast on Monday issued an initial IPO price range of $30 to $33 per share, and Alex Wilhelm digs into the S-1/A filing “to better understand why vertical SaaS companies pursuing a pay-and-SaaS business approach.” How to value startups.”

Is the restaurant software startup aiming for an $18 billion valuation?

3 Keys to Pricing Early Stage SaaS Products

family of disposable coffee/tea cups

image credit: Peter Daisley (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Every founder launching an enterprise software startup has to figure out the “right” pricing model for their products.

It’s a consequential decision: Per-seat licenses are easier to manage, but what if customers prefer a concurrent licensing model?

“The initial pricing discussion should be around the buyer’s perspective and the value created for them by the product,” says Yusuf Khan, partner at Ridge Ventures, who has previously served as CIO.

“Of course,” he notes, “self-evaluation is hard, especially when you’re asking someone else to pay you for something you made.”

Is India’s BNPL 2.0 ready to disrupt B2B?

image credit: jayk7/Getty Images

Popular businesses in India are experiencing a digital transformation that is creating new e-commerce opportunities; Smartphones have replaced paper records, and a new government-backed instant payment system is disrupting how value is exchanged.

But instead of importing legacy credit systems, buy now, pay later systems are “the next step in solving the digital B2B puzzle,” writes Anubhav Jain, co-founder and CEO of RuPay.

What to do with Freshworks’ 1st IPO price range?

Develop programming and coding techniques.  website design.  Programmer working in a software development company office.

image credit: scyther5/Getty Images

Freshworks, which develops and offers a variety of business software tools, on Monday set an IPO price range of $28 to $32 per share, writes Alex Wilhelm, meaning its valuation could reach nearly $10 billion. could.

“It appears that the Freshworks IPO is reasonably priced, although boosting its price range is not out of the question if public market investors decide they are bullish on its future growth prospects. Don’t look backwards.”

on your future growth prospects. We don’t see a dramatic upside. “

Here’s What Your BNPL Startup Might Be Worth

Alex Wilhelm wrote in The Japanese startups exit from Pedi (for PayPal) and Australian’s multibillion-dollar, the latter paying the company Afterpay (for Square) swap.

He breaks down the value of Afterpay, Paid and Klarna using a simple metric: What would you pay for $1 of BNPL GMV?

3 Methods for Automatic Video Game Highlight Detection and Capture

Image of gaming computer setup with two monitors.

image credit: mikelwilliam (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Video game livestreaming is booming.

Twitch averages about 3 million concurrent viewers; By comparison, on the night of the 2020 US presidential election, CNN’s livestream averaged 1.1 million.

The most successful streamers use their advertising revenue and sponsorship money to make video editors and social media teams look good, but new automated tools are giving part-time streamers the ability to spotlight their best moments as well.

Have ‘The Privacy Talk’ with your business partners

Speech bubbles between two human hands against a khaki background.

image credit: boris zitkov (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

A data breach costs a company an average of $3.8 million, Mark Ellenbogen, Foursquare’s general counsel, notes in a guest post, adding “solid financial incentives to keep privacy talk.”

What is this?

“It is this conversation that goes beyond a written, publicly posted privacy policy and dives deeply into a customer, vendor, supplier or partner’s approach to ethics,” they write.

If you think the point doesn’t apply to you, think again.

Advanced Rider Assistance Systems: Techniques Originating from the Politics of Micro-Dynamics

First person view of driving an e-scooter in a city

image credit: alexander spatarik (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

“In an effort to reassure local administrations that micromobility is safe, compliant, and a good thing for cities,” writes Rebecca Belan, scooter operators are “implementing technology similar to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).”

She explains how technology can help prevent unwanted behavior and explores the costs and startup opportunities for scooter operators.

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