Editor’s opinion: Tough times call for drastic measures. Facebook user activity has declined in recent quarters, and competition from competing social platforms like TikTok is only expected to intensify. If Facebook can prevent irrelevance through some long-standing policies, so be it.

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Meta will soon allow select Facebook users to have up to five profiles linked to a single account.

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As part of an upcoming test, some users will be allowed to create up to four additional profiles. Users will not be required to provide their real name or identity on sub-accounts.

idea is that users can maintain different profiles for different purposes. For example, your main account can be used to communicate with close friends and family, as you do today. A separate profile will allow you to chat with colleagues or do other work-related activities, while another can be used to interact with colleagues who share a common interest in a particular hobby.

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This was announced by the representative of Meta. Engadget that members must still abide by Facebook’s rules, meaning that activities such as impersonating someone else will be prohibited.

It is unclear how many users will be included in the test. If Meta decides to roll it out across the platform, it could drastically change the mechanics of Facebook. It also goes against some long-standing Facebook policies in terms of the number of accounts you can have and the use of your real name on the platform.

Image credit: Luca Sammarco