Facebook tests a new ‘Professional’ mode for creator profiles

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Meta (formerly Facebook) is today introducing a new “professional” mode for user profiles, designed to be used by creators looking to monetize their followers on the social network. The new mode, which is initially available to select creators in the US, will provide creators with opportunities to earn extra money and expanded insights that were previously only available for Facebook Pages.

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Of these the creators will have the ability to participate in the new Reels Play Bonus Program, where some creators are able to earn up to $35,000 per month based on the views of their short-form video content. However, access to the program is, for the time being, invitation-only – meaning the meta will determine which creators are eligible to earn the bonus.

While Meta didn’t share what other monetization options would be available in the coming days, it did note that it will also provide professional-level insights for these creators, similar to what page owners can access. This includes access to posts, audience and profile insights. For example, creators can now see the total number of shares, reactions, and comments for their posts, and see the growth of their followers over time. This allows them to make better, more informed decisions about the content they post and how it resonates with their audience.


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While many creators are already using Facebook profiles instead of Pages to attract fans and followers, Meta warns that those who decide to opt for this new experience may find themselves a part of the social network. Will open as a public figure. This means anyone can follow them and view public content posted to their feed, but they will be able to mark posts as public or friends-only, as you would otherwise with a private profile. But can.

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In the meantime, creators using Facebook Pages will be included in the new Page experience instead. It will provide access to a professional dashboard that will act as a central destination for administrators to review page performance and access professional tools and insights, notes the company. Facebook is also testing Two-Step Composer on Pages. Which allows creators to schedule posts and cross-post in groups.

The changes come at a time when Meta is investing heavily in its Creator user base, as it sees potential in a new revenue stream that comes from things like creator subscriptions and virtual tips, aka “stars” – The latter which it just made available yesterday via a new website outside the App Store where it no longer has to pay commissions to Apple and Google. The company previously said it plans to entice creators with $1 billion in payments, such as reel bonuses, among other things, as the competition for creator talent on TikTok and other top social apps such as YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat. and hot with others.

Meta notes that the new Business Mode is still in testing with select creators in the US, but will roll out more widely in the future, including EMEA area,

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