Facebook’s smartwatch sounds weird and gimmicky, and we’re all for it

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We’ve been hearing about the Facebook smartwatch for a few years now, at least from industry rumors and filed patents. The company recently changed its name to Meta, but many people still call it Facebook, so we have a feeling it might keep that name for its upcoming wearable.

Every new rumor about the Facebook watch makes it weird and weird, and the latest one takes the cake. A recent patent published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, and spotted by GizChina, shows a watch with a detachable screen that houses a camera.


The idea would be that you could take pictures from all kinds of angles.

We’re picturing a watch that looks somewhat like a locket with a top display layer that can close to stand at different angles and reveal another one below.

Apparently, the device has a total of three cameras (yes, a smartwatch… with three cameras!), one of which can be removed entirely, to function as a GoPro-like action cam.

Of course, like all patents, we have to determine: Just because a brand is patenting a particular design or feature, it doesn’t mean that the resulting product will be identical in any way.

A patent just shows that a company is considering something. But in the case of the Facebook smartwatch, we really expect that to be the case.

Opinion: Best possible thing

The watch shown in the patent looks downright odd, especially when you consider the outdated state of smartwatches nowadays. Almost every such device looks the same, looks the same and with the same size and same feature slate.

We haven’t really seen a novel wearable since the flexing Nubia Alpha.

That’s why we want the Facebook smartwatch to be weird: We need something New. Even if the device is gimmicky and crap, it will be far more interesting to try it out than your generic Wear OS device or an Apple Watch knockoff.

The aforementioned Nubia Alpha wasn’t surprising as a smartwatch — in fact, in some ways, it was crap — but it was still a lot more interesting than other stuff on the market for tech fans and gadget aficionados alike.

Not only did the Alpha have a strap that literally flexed around your wrist, it had a camera that could send pictures to your phone. Does the camera seem like an odd feature for a watch? Remember, the Facebook smartwatch is said to Three.

The three cameras sound silly, but it also sounds like fun, which is exactly what we’re hoping the Facebook wearable will be like.

We have no clue when this rumored device might be made official – some reports point to a ‘2022’ wide window, but we’ve heard past murmurs that have been proven wrong. We’ll see it when we see it.

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