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Fairphone continues to push the boundaries and lead the Android ecosystem when it comes to system updates. company announced It’s shipping Android 10 for the Fairphone 2, a six-year-old device that originally shipped with Android 5.


Six years of major updates have been unheard of in the Android Market. Most Android companies charge iPhone-level prices but do not offer iPhone-level support, which is six years of major updates. The best you can get from more mainstream Android OEMs like Google and Samsung are three years of major OS updates. Fairphone is a dramatically smaller company than its competition, but it’s been wiping the floor with them when it comes to updates.

For Fairphone, shipping Android updates for so long has meant going outside the normal update support structure. The Fairphone 2 uses a Snapdragon 801 SoC, and Qualcomm only supports that chip up to Android 6. Without Qualcomm’s help, Fairphone had to get help Lineage OS Android community to update the phone. The difference between Fairphone and aftermarket ROMs is that Fairphone is still passing all of Google’s CTS tests and is officially licensed to the Play Store, which is a huge undertaking.

For the time being, the company says a beta program for Android 10 for the Fairphone 2 is up and running. Here, and it should be finally released in “early 2022”. Fairphone is also starting Android 11 beta testing for the Fairphone 3 and 3+ this week. One downside you can say is that it’s too slow to release 2019’s Android 10 in 2022, but it’s hard to criticize the company too much when every other Android OEM would have given up on users by now.

Many companies offer lip service for the idea of ​​reducing e-waste but stop when it affects their bottomline. Along with Apple, Fairphone is the only other smartphone company that puts its money where its mouth is and offers long-term smartphone support. While Apple is a multi-trillion-dollar company with all the resources in the world, Fairphone proves that any OEM can offer long-term support if they so desire; They don’t want to invest the time and money to do this.

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