fallout 76 It continues to be widely supported with new content three years after its launch on November 14, 2018. The next update of the open-world multiplayer shooter, Dr. Zorbo’s Revenge, will mark fallout 76Seventh season of new material. It officially arrives on December 8th and will feature a variety of new content for fallout 76 players to enjoy. A recent video and blog post from Bethesda broke down the new content players can expect to find in the update.

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The first thing Bethesda noticed is that Season 7’s Revenge of Dr. Zorbo is a continuation of a story she’s been telling since Season 1. fallout 76 Season 1, Captain Cosmos and Dr. Zorbo fight as part of “The Legendary Run”, in which Dr. Zorbo is defeated. In Season 7, players will support Dr. Zorbo’s attempt to become the Emperor of the Universe. It involves recruiting a team of cowardly baddies and helping them build a war machine to defeat Captain Cosmos.


Players will do this going forward fallout 76Unlocks the new Zorbo’s Revenge scoreboard, which is, of course, a Battle Pass style of content. Proceeding through the scoreboard’s 100 ranks will unlock content including Power Armor and Weapon Skins, CAMP Objects, in-game currency, perk card packs, consumables and much more. Some of the new material teased includes a Dr. Zorbo costume, an alien shooting gallery, Zetan jewelry, a hatchet-wielded West Virginia slot machine, and more.

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season 7 fallout 76 Also included are two new allies to be unlocked. Xerxo is a ghost in a spacesuit who claims to be an alien from the Zebulon Kingdom, while Catherine is an astronomer/conspiracy theory investigator. The Xerox will offer a buff to reduce fast travel costs and increase agility, and Catherine’s buff temporarily reduces energy ammo weight and enhances perception. None of the allies will participate in the adventures with the player, but they have unique voice lines to create their characters.

The last feature Bethesda drew attention to Dr. Zorbo’s Revenge is to listen to two new radio plays. fallout 76 Players will be able to hear Dr. Zorbo’s efforts to assemble a group of villains to fight Captain Cosmos. expect a lot Controversy Conspiracy in radio plays.

Community Calendar for Season 7 fallout 76 It makes it clear that there is more to come in the future of the game. There will be new community camp constructions each in January, February, and March, with March bringing with it a whole new seasonal update and event to enjoy. Expect to hear more as Season 7’s December 8 start date nears.

fallout 76 Now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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