one of the many elements of red dead redemption 2 The one that managed to leave a strong impact on its players’ community is the legend. The story and characters have been cited by many in the gaming community. red dead redemption 2 as some of the most memorable and emotionally engaging highlights of the entire game. Now, a genius has taken one of the most iconic exchanges in the game and wrote it in comic form.

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For many players, the many characters that populate both the Van der Linde gang and the overworld red dead redemption 2 Very characteristic of the experience as a whole. Emotional and multifaceted character performances, along with intimate side stories that serve as a way to develop a greater connection between the player and the game, red dead redemption 2 The players certainly have a lot to offer. However, given the moments of cinematic storytelling, the narrative of red dead redemption 2 There is a lot of opportunity to communicate through other means.


A Reddit user named ReallaOneEye created a digital comic that shows a brief portion of a conversation between Arthur Morgan and Sadie Adler that takes place during the third act of the game. The conversation discusses the current state of the Van der Linde gang and where both Sadie and Arthur will eventually be, after all is said and done.

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According to the user, these comic panels were done while taking a break from his work as a comic artist. The art style is incredibly different. It manages to capture the resemblance of both Arthur and Sadie in a way that is both clearly recognizable and distinctly their own. it somewhat reminds the walking dead Comic’s art style. It would certainly be interesting to see a full comic adaptation of red dead redemption 2,

It’s amazing to see how much impact red dead redemption 2 The gaming community continues on. Despite being released three years ago, fans are still actively producing red Dead Redemption Content for others to admire. One fan miraculously even managed to combine red dead redemption 2 And star wars In a piece of fan art.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what happens in the future. red Dead Redemption going forward. While the bulk of the new material has come as red dead onlineMany fans are wondering when the possible third installment might be released. let’s say red dead redemption 2 Released eight years after the original, a third game in the series would certainly take a long time to develop.

red dead redemption 2 Now available for PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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