Apex Legends The community is rather passionate and creative. The most recent example of this involves a real-life replica of one of the most beloved weapons in the game. Respawn Entertainment known for weapon design–and Apex Legends May be the best example of this – and now fans are getting in on the action, too.

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Apex Legends There are a bevy of powerful weapons, and one of the favorites is the Wingman pistol. Although it takes a steady hand, the heavy ammo edge does lethal damage. It also looks quite unique, making it a gun that fanatics will be happy to have as a collectors item. With that in mind, a fan recently created his own version of the pistol.


Reddit user u/purehjeffs just uploaded an impressive post to the r/apexlegends subreddit. The fan built an exact-real-life version of the Wingman, complete with lights, sounds, functionality, and even a phone charger. one must be very devoted Apex Legends To capture all the intricacies of Wingman’s design, and it appears that u/purehjeffs is just that.

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The incredible Wingman replica has moveable parts, giving it a very accurate feel Apex Legends Edition. Pulling the trigger, the hammer slams down, and the replica makes a firing sound in-game. By sliding the reload button, the wingman is partially detached, just like he does in-game. same reload sound from Apex Legends is also played. The cylinder can also be pulled out to recreate the full reload animation.

Along with the sound and sound of the gun, there is also an LED light that indicates the amount of bullets still in the weapon. With each pull of the trigger, this number decreases. Once the reload animation is complete, the number is reset to 6. The replica’s final touch is that this phone also doubles as a charger, which is the capacity of yet another stunning Wingman replica from last year.

Apex Legends remains one of the more popular titles in all gaming. Battle Royale continues to grow, and with it the fan base has grown. The game’s creativity is one of its selling points, as everything from legends to weapons has its own uniqueness. It makes sense that fans would start making replicas of the guns, as the game also has a pretty strong cosplay community.

Apex Legends Now available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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