FromSoftware continues to unveil new details about elden ring, but fans are obsessed and expressing their excitement to the recently leaked Dushman. Leaks confirm visual details about an enemy elden ring In addition to depicting some of the attack patterns that FromSoftware fans will be able to remember before the game’s release.

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YouTube content creator ER-SA recently posted a clip of Crucible Knight Floh elden ring, and it has caught the attention of many FromSoftware fans who are looking forward to the February release. Crucible Knight Floh has several attacks for FromSoftware fans to remember, one of which is an air raid in which Knight raises his sword into the sky before advancing and hurling it back toward The Tarnished. The enemy patrols a certain area of ​​the map as shown by ER-SA’s clip, but it is currently unclear how large an area Crucible Night Flow wanders.


In ER-SA’s 28-second YouTube video, Crucible Knight Flow’s initial attack is a magical wide strike where Floh’s large sword grows quite large as it wields the weapon in The Tarnished. This attack is one of the more basic Crucible Night Flows, and it can be enemies’ first strike when starting a battle. This double swing of Floh’s sword is imitated even after an airstrike, which means elden ring The players will have to dodge again and again by seeing the nightfly.

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Groove elden ring The enemy has a cloak that becomes a weapon for some attacks as the follow-up to dunking with his sword is a twirl that glows with gold and becomes just as deadly as the enemy’s sword. ER-SA’s brief leak of Crucible Night Flow shows a total of twelve attacks that elden ring Fans will have to remember, but it could be even more so because the enemy has a shield but never had to use it in the leaked footage. dark Souls 3 Fans will see similarities in this elden ring Enemies and champions alike Gundier and Oseros, the Consumed King, but the Knight also has its own uniqueness.

One of Crucible Knight Floh’s charming moves that will give elden ring The flashy character shows players swinging their sword several times for a moment to attack the enemy, while it glows yellow before ejecting a golden wave from its sword upon contact with the ground. This strike forms a circle around the knight, and it deals damage to anyone elden ring Players who are unable to dodge it in time. This attack is what ultimately defeats ER-SA and ends the brief video that has many FromSoftware fans awaiting its release. elden ring,

elden ring Will release on February 25 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: youtube (Via gaming bolt,

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