For some time now, Survival fans have been hoping to hear official word about the potential resident devil 4 Remake, which is yet to happen. let’s say RE4 Consistently ranked as the best game in the series, it’s hardly surprising that gamers are eager to revisit this third-person horror entry for a modern audience. People are scouring anything related to the franchise that could possibly hint at this now-so-theoretic remake, and one fan believes they’ve found yet another one almost hidden in plain sight. .

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Posting a screen capture, as well as the full video from the PlayStation Showcase that aired last week, Reddit user CoronaBeer51 shows that less than two minutes after the showcase begins, a symbol appears indicating something is probably going to happen. prompts for resident devil 4. The obvious hope in this case is that the video was subtly trying to imply that perhaps a remake will be announced at some point. Surely that’s what the fan base is hoping for at least.


In the PlayStation Showcase video, at around the 1:46 mark, a symbol can be seen to the right of the main entrance as the army is shown entering a palatial building. While it is only on-screen for a second, it has been identified as a symbol of Las Plagas, which means “the plague.” For those who are not aware, Las Plagas refers to the parasites that infect villagers resident devil 4. Although the symbol is never mentioned in the video, nor is it the focus of the scene, existing only briefly as part of the foreground, the fact that it is exactly what fans believe is part of the game. Might have something to do with it.

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with official sources even pointing to a RE4 remake, it can be hard for some in the community to think that this is actually happening. There’s still nothing that hasn’t been set in stone just yet, but it looks like Capcom can’t ignore what fans want, especially if the video hints at what’s to come.

Now 16 years old, it is a game that is remembered as a milestone in the series. even this year Village fall in terms of resident devil 4, such as reintroducing the typewriter save feature, which ceased to be used in the franchise between Game Five and the latest installment. Either way, many people will be hoping that the Plagas symbol actually means something, and it’s not just some empty gimmick or coincidence.

a resident devil 4 A remake is rumored to be in development.

Source: reddit

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