Fantastic Four #35 reveals a secret from the past that changes Reed Richards’ future

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15 september Fantastic Four #35 There’s a big issue celebrating 60 years of Fantastic Four #1. It includes stories by authors Dan Slott, Jason Lu and Mark Waid, with art by Lou, John Romita Jr., Paul Renaud, JP Meyer, Cam Smith, Mark Morales, Raphael Fonteriz, Scott Hanna, Marte Gracia and Eric Arciniaga.

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Appropriately for Milestone, the main story of Fantastic Four #35 features Kang and his many variations, and Reed Richards’s dealings with his father/Kang’s ancestor Nathaniel Richards in some strange ways in FF’s central concept of family Digs – which all culminate in a major bombastic revelation about Reed Richards and his past.

Spoilers ahead for Fantastic Four #35.


woke up right after the events of Fantastic Four #34, which portrays Doctor Doom’s marriage as a ploy and during which Doom sends Johnny Storm’s powers out of control, FF returns home with Johnny in a protective bubble as he turns off his fiery powers. can not do.

Quickly discovering that, despite their security measures, a strange-looking object of unknown origin has revealed itself in an invisibility zone in the newly unveiled, remodeled Baxter Building, Reid and Sue find and capture the object.

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The story then jumps into Null Space, the region outside the time-space continuum where Kang and his many forms converge. In Null Space, the Immortus collects Kang and his fellow forms Scarlet Centurion and Rama-Tut, as well as an apparently new variant known as Scion, which claims to be the final form of Kang in the future. .

The Immortus explains that Reed Richards’ father, his ancestor Nathaniel Richards, made a special instrument, dividing it into four parts that are hidden in different eras of Reed’s history. The Kang variant must come together to obtain four pieces of mysterious equipment, which Immortus says will give its wielder untold power. Kang, Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, and Scion all travel to different points in FF’s past with the goal of killing FF and stealing a piece of the hidden object in each respective era.

All four versions of Kong have apparently been successful, with pieces of the device now being collected back together in Null Space, and new, different timelines now created as a result of FF’s deaths in the past. with a chain.

Promised to go to the person with the best story with the device, Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, and Kang all have their respective fights against the heroes and how they sent FF.

His stories reflect Kang’s personal visions during each different phase of his life, Rama-Tut’s highly detailed, Silver Age-ish plan, the Scarlet Centurion enlisting Thunderbolt to do his bidding for him, and Kang liked to kill the Fantastic Four face-to-face. Face in bloody battle.

But it is Scion, the new version, who turns this plan completely on its head, revealing that not only did he save the members of the FF from attempts to kill each of his counterparts, he’s actually a Kong version as well. Not there.

Who is he? Well, the name ‘Scion’ turns out to be a clue, as the villain is actually Reed Richards in disguise – a true descendant of Nathaniel Richards. Reed explains that he was able to get the drop on Kang and his time-travel ilk for once, knock them out and collect his father’s mystery device for himself.

Back at the Baxter building, Reid assembles the machine, discovering a message from his father that is entirely for him. And in that message, Nathaniel Richards had a blast: They had a secret, second family, including a daughter—Reed’s long-lost sister, whom Nathaniel works to protect FF.

Fantastic Five, anyone?

Story continues on September 22 Fantastic Four #36.

The Kong variant in the Fantastic Four #35 is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn There are several variations of Kang, including Immortus, Scarlet Centurion and Rama-Tuto. As his new chapter unfolds in Fantastic Four.

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