Far Cry 6 Just a few days away and it’s set to be one of the biggest first-person shooters of the year. Even with the game slated to release on 7 October, the trophy list appears to have leaked a bit early. This is very exciting for fans who pay close attention to it and love to track and complete every challenge in the game. There looks to be a lot more to do in Ubisoft’s next open world action-adventure FPS.

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Far Cry 6 One of the highlights of October is what could be the best gaming month of 2021. There’s a lot to get excited about in the game, but even the trophies/achievements that have just been revealed create additional hype for the shooter. . However, for those who don’t want certain aspects of the game to be bad, it might be wise to walk away for now, because *spoiler follow*.


Today, PowerPyx released the full list of trophies Far Cry 6. There are 54 trophies in total (1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 5 Silver, 46 Bronze). Far Cry 6. In general, the list varies greatly, some based on capturing areas, some based on unlocking or leveling things up, and some more secret in nature.

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bronze trophies

Bronze trophies are often where the stupidity lies, including finding a roster or winning a game of dominoes. probably one of the more interesting trophies Far Cry 6 He is the one who asks players to pet a crocodile. an image has already appeared Far Cry 6 Which allows players to pet a dog, but petting a dangerous alligator seems like something completely different.

  • Yo Soy Dani Rojas – Choose the form of Dani (solo campaign only)

  • Cutting Foreign Ties – Recruit Legends of ’67 and La Moralie

  • Monteiro Justicia – Recruit Monteiro

  • Voice of the People – Max Matanza Recruitment

  • Ninjarilla – Capture an FND base without being detected (single campaign only)

  • Co-Dependent – Get an FND Aadhaar with a Co-Operative Partner

  • Finders Keepers! – Return 3 FD processing vehicle in mint condition

  • Check it out – Capture 10 outposts (single campaign only)

  • The treasure is pouring in! – Intercept 10 military supply drops (single campaign only)

  • Immortal Tradition – Yaar complete the story “Traya Blessings”

  • Top of the Peking Order – Win a Cockfighting Match

  • Speed ​​Racer – Complete 3 Gran Premio

  • Beginner’s Luck – Win a Domino’s Game

  • Overheat – complete a special operation

  • Alpha Guerrilla – Successfully complete 5 bandido operations

  • Road Rage – One horse hits a vehicle with a mache

  • Far Cry – Buy 15 Meals

  • That’s My Jam – Find 15 USB Sticks

  • That’s Surprising – Unlock 15 Cryptogram Chests

  • Cry Cry – Collect all 4 rides

  • Reroaster – Find All Roasters

  • Loyal Legion – Recruit 5 Amigos

  • @CanYouPetTheCroc – Pet Guapo

  • Strutting His Stuff – Equip Chicharron with a motherfucker outfit

  • Distract 10 soldiers with the secret weapon – Chorizo

  • Heated Conflict – Take out 10 soldiers with active heat

  • Jousson Brody – Take out a shark with a blast

  • Sophisticated – catch 10 fish

  • Outdated Tech – Take out a soldier by breaking the alarm

  • Oh no you don’t! – Take out 3 rebel leaders

  • Not So Special – Take out 10 Special Forces personnel

  • Not so hard – disable and hijack the tank using the EMP device

  • Ultimate Predator – Hunt all mythical beasts (single campaign only)

  • Slip Sliding Away – Slide 200 meters in one go

  • Hit ‘n Run – Run more than 10 soldiers in one vehicle

  • Didn’t see that coming! – Use the Security Control Center to disable all cameras and alarms

  • Death From Above – Take a soldier out 50 meters above them

  • Toxic Effects – Poisoned soldiers, killed 5 other enemies

  • Fashionista – Equip a complete matching gear set

  • Do it yourself – install each mod on a single resolver weapon

  • Glamping – Build one of each camp facility (single campaign only)

  • Furious Fast – Install 10 parts on one ride

  • Glorious Leader – Reach the rank of Commandant

  • Keep Calm – Complete any special operation on the PG-240X’s temperature meter without exceeding 50%

  • Hidden Cache – Locate hidden moneda in any special operation

  • End Phase – Free 30 hostages during Lola’s Informers Challenge in any special operation

silver trophies

Like many bronze trophies, two silver trophies require a single play. so while Far Cry 6 Allows co-op play, achievement and trophy hunters have to play alone to complete every task in the game. There are five silver trophies in total. Silver trophies seem a bit more daunting and or more time-consuming than are often the norm.

  • Hidden in Plain Sight – Find your way to Miami

  • Favorable Skies – Fly 16 anti-air guns (single mission only)

  • Equip to the teeth – collect 49 unique weapons

  • Hogar Dulce Hogar – Fully upgrade a camp facility to any guerrilla camp (single campaign only)

  • Backpacking – Yara . get every supremo in

Gold and Platinum Trophies

has only two gold trophies Far Cry 6. the greatest might just be to take down the villain Far Cry 6 And beating the game, if it is being analyzed properly. Meanwhile, capturing each FnD base in solo play will also yield a satisfying trophy. As always, completing each trophy in the game will unlock the Platinum trophy.

  • Viva La Revalución – Take the Man Back

  • Liberty – Capture all FND bases (single campaign only)

  • Conquistador – Unlock All Trophies

Far Cry 6 Will release on October 7, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Luna, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: powerpx

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