Far Cry 6 7 dropped, but Ubisoft is already hinting at what comes next from the open-world FPS franchise. whereas Far Cry 6 Well received and appears to be in polished form a totally different Experience As it has been so far, many players were expecting a big iterative move – something new and exciting. It is possible that a signal is detected on the bus Far Cry 6, in-game in the form of QR codes displays links to a mysterious video that explains very clearly what multiplayer can be like totally different Experience.

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The QR code in question is not an Easter egg or a secret in any way. it is displayed Far Cry 6 On boxes that are relatively commonly found. This QR code, when viewed with a cell phone camera, produces a strange video. In this video, a map is shown showing icons for three different players. Also on the map are tokens for dangerous creatures that appear to kill players.


Although it is not clear what is in the map and other imagery. Far Cry 6 The mystery video simply means, the signs seem to give a clear message. is that Ubisoft has some sort of new totally different Games or game modes in development. It looks like that game has multiplayer, whether it’s PvP, PvPvE, or co-op, which could mean anything from a battle royale to a sandbox survival experience.

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it’s probably for the best that Far Cry 6The teaser is so secret because, along with criticism by Ubisoft for not doing enough iteration between franchise releases, it has been criticized for its multiplayer offerings of late. For example, the recently announced Ghost Recon Frontline, a seemingly battle royale spin-off of the much-loved co-op tactical shooter series, received a very negative response online.

Ubisoft will have a tough tread with whatever it announces Far Cry 6 for the teaser. The teaser is so vague that it is unclear what to think of the project. If it’s a battle royale, Ubisoft wants to be more probable. If it’s something new, it may want to be less subtle.

Still, it’s surprising enough for Ubisoft to tease a new totally different Experience so soon with the release of Far Cry 6. It’s a shame that the announcement is caught between two disappointing discourses, as Ubisoft wrestles with too-frequent franchise releases and battle royale market saturation.

Far Cry 6 Now available on PC, PS4, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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