Far Cry 6, the latest title in the long-running franchise, arrived this month and lets players face the square with Anton Castillo, played by charismatic TV star Giancarlo Esposito. As expected, players are dropped into the Cuban-inspired world of Yara, where it’s up to them to join a resistance group and take control of Castillo and his army using guerrilla tactics. Outside of typical campaign missions, Yara is completely open, letting players roam and do whatever they want.

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For better or worse, Ubisoft’s gameplay formula for Far Cry is largely based on the . built up since the arrival of far cry 3, With each game comes many changes here and there. Taking players to an open-world sandbox, usually in unique locations such as a tropical island, they are then free to take back territory from the enemy faction as they see fit. The level of freedom it can certainly provide for unique unapologetic moments, which is a big reason why the franchise is as popular as it is.


latest example of this capability for Far Cry 6 The chaos in the open world comes from Reddit user LeakyBums. Titled their video “The Most Far Cry Gameplay You’ll Ever See”, the sub-1 minute video certainly moves forward with encounters. Initially moving around with a grenade launcher, the player destroys nearby enemy vehicles, causing a massive explosion while also leveling them. Almost immediately, the player is attacked from behind by what appears to be a giant bull.

The Most Far Cry Gameplay You’ve Ever Seen From
totally different

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Moving around, the player fires a grenade round that bounces off the creature and explodes on the side of the road. Another round is fired and leaves the animal in the air and behind the player, though the creature only stands to fire by the player’s potential homebrew style blow torch. As if that wasn’t enough, a civilian vehicle pulls up during the massacre, for which they are shot by the player prompting a warning message from the game. Finally, another enemy vehicle rolls in for one final moment, before the player is left to survey the destruction around them.

While the franchise is known for the chaos that usually accompanies encounters, Far Cry 6 It seems to take things a bit further that many players are feeling frustrated. new to Far Cry 6 This is how enemies can now respawn, which is always aimed at giving players something to fight. Unfortunately, the system feels a bit too aggressive, especially for stealth players, as enemies tend to react at a faster rate, so those who want to take their time may find that bases are cleared before they are completely cleared. being remodeled.

Far Cry 6 Now available on Luna, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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