Despite being out for more than a week, players have discovered a lot in the world of cricket Far Cry 6. Given its expansive, dynamic environment with many interactive features, Far Cry 6 Offers players various interesting ways to access in-game content. However, a player has managed to use an interactive feature within Far Cry 6 For a unique advantage.

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In addition to your pile of hidden ingredients and Easter eggs, Far Cry 6 There is a huge amount of accessible content for players to enjoy. From main missions to side content, Far Cry 6There are many car locations, there is definitely a lot to do and see for the players Far Cry 6. However, thanks to the ingenuity of one player in particular, it is now revealed that Far Cry 6 Players can use buckets of water to their advantage.


A Reddit user named TheDeltaLambda found that if players shoot barrels of water at apartments in the extraction area, it will help cool the Pg-240x, which is used to make the cancer treatment drug, Viviro. Compound to go. This actually helps a lot considering that there is a feat that requires the player to keep the Pg-240x at a certain temperature, so this technique with a bucket of water should help players immensely.

It’s amazing to see how many user interactivity options are within it Far Cry 6. For the longest time, many players viewed buckets of water as a cosmetic fixture within the game world, if anything else. To be fair, previous installments in the series like far cry 3 And 4, not necessarily to feature interactive water buckets as seen in Far Cry 6.

whereas Far Cry 6 There’s a lot of improvised content for players to interact with, a lot of hidden details that a lot of players are likely not to notice during their initial playthrough. A fair number of easter eggs actually refer to material that is not directly related to the game’s narrative. For example, a Far Cry 6 Dev shared a tribute to his pet cat which can be seen in the form of murals scattered across Yara.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what happens in the future. Far Cry 6 going forward. A lot of players are currently enjoying everything the base game has to offer, but many fans are also looking forward to the release of the upcoming DLC. season pass Far Cry 6 Includes DLC that lets players play as the villains of the past totally different The game’s DLC is scheduled to be released in the coming months.

Far Cry 6 Now available on Amazon Luna, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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