Far Cry 7 will reportedly be “online-oriented” as part of a series “shake-up”

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Far Cry 7 will reportedly have an “online-oriented approach” as Ubisoft looks to relaunch the series.

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in the latest axios gaming newsletter, reporter Stephen Totilo suggested that while Far Cry 6 may do well, developer Ubisoft “seems like a shake-up is needed.” Totilo says his sources claim that “the company was exploring a more online-oriented approach to the sequel.”

It tracks with information from earlier this year, in which Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier claimed that Far Cry 7″ may be going in a fundamentally different direction,“Taking the whole series to a new place.


While neither Totilo nor Schreier have revealed much about the new direction the series might go, it’s certainly possible that Ubisoft wants to relaunch Far Cry. The series hasn’t changed much since Far Cry 3 in 2012, even with themed spin-offs like Primal and Blood Dragon. In the same period, however, Ubisoft relaunched the entire Assassin’s Creed franchise, starting with 2017’s Origins, but Totilo points out that other franchises, such as Watch Dogs and Ghost Recon, have yet to receive similar overhauls. Haven’t happened.

In recent months, the company has seen a significant leadership change that could lead to major changes in one of its oldest series. After the departure of former Chief Creative Director Serge Huscott and Several other officials amid reports of abuse at workplaceVeteran Ubisoft developer Igor Mansou was promoted to the role last month.

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SportsRadar+’s Far Cry 6 Review Said that the game “offers more explosive action and adventure than ever before,” but noted that it “fails some of its more disturbing plot points.” According to metacriticOf course, the game’s review score sits between 75–80, which is a good way from previous entries in the mid-high 80s, with some reviewers saying that the game is not enough to advance the series.

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