Farming Simulator is wildly popular, in case you’d forgotten

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With Farming Simulator 22 last week, now is as good a time as ever to remind you that this is a wildly popular game series with a huge player count. Its average player count has grown steadily since launch, and the peak concurrent player count averages over 90,000 people. That’s good stats tracking us on PC Gamer Thanks SteamDB for daily.

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Farming Simulator had a higher peak concurrent player than Battlefield 2042 on Steam, and while Battlefield’s average player count has steadily declined, Farming Simulator has evolved. It’s certainly two very different player bases, but it’s worth pointing out as a comparison of popularity. Today, November 28, FS22 has broken the average number of players on Steam to 60,000, which is comparable to games like Grand Theft Auto V and Football Manager 2022.

The Farming Simulator series, created by Giants Software, is now on its eighth main-series game with FS22. Farming Simulator 19, the final entry, has sold over two million copies.


You can buy Farming Simulator 22 on all kinds of platforms like Steam and Epic, and directly from the publisher.

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