Feast on facts: USAFacts serves its annual helping of real data to help steer holiday discussions

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Factual data on turkey production in the US (UYSAFacts graphic)

There are lots of ways to be a total turkey at your Thanksgiving gathering. The easiest way might be to not keep your facts straight about various current affairs.

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Steve Ballmer’s USAFacts is back to help with it this year annual service of data On everything from jobs to immigration to race in America to COVID-19. Impress the nanny with your knowledge of vaccination rates and number of cases! Shut up your uncle with real numbers related to carbon emissions!

USAFacts is also adding a side of less divisive fare facts about the festival Many people are consuming. For example, you can now show that Minnesota leads the country in turkey production, and Wisconsin grows most of the cranberries.

(USAFacts graphic)

Non-partisan, non-profit organization also published “7 Days of Pie” With a pie chart that presents seven truths about the United States of America today.

Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO and billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, founded Bellevue, Wash.-based USAFacts in 2017 in a non-partisan effort to promote government data.

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