Federal judge is giving Capitol rioters higher sentences

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A federal judge in Washington, D.C., is giving participants in the Capitol riot on January 6 a higher sentence than those sought by prosecutors, citing the need for consequences for participating in the uprising, Reuters Report.

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running news: US District Judge Tanya Chutkan on Wednesday sentenced two cousins, who entered the Capitol and took selfies, to 45 days in prison from January 6.

  • On Tuesday, Chutkan sentenced another Capitol rioters to two weeks in prison and 60 hours of community service, even though prosecutors had recommended a sentence of probation, per AP.
  • Last week Chutkan sentenced another rioter to 45 days in prison on a misdemeanor charge, marking the first time Capitol rioters received a harsher sentence than the one sought by prosecutors, according to Reuters.

What are they saying: “There must be consequences for the government sitting at home participating in a violent coup attempt,” Chutkan said in one of his hearings.


big picture: More than 670 people have been indicted in connection with the Capitol riots, and more than 90 have pleaded guilty so far, according to business Insider.

  • At least 17 of those defendants have been sentenced, noted Reuters.


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