Fiberplane nabs € 7.5M seed to bring Google Docs-like collaboration to incident response

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fiberplane, an Amsterdam-based early stage startup that is creating collaborative notebooks for SREs (site reliability engineers) to collaborate around an event in a manner similar to group editing in Google Documents, has raised €7.5M (approximately US$8.8 million). dollars) declared. seed round today

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The round was co-led by Crane Venture Partners and Notion Capital, with participation from Northzone, System.One and Basecase Capital.

Micah Hernandez van Leyfen (known as Miss) is the founder and CEO at Fiberplane. When his previous startup, Worker, was sold to Oracle in 2017, Hernandez van Leyfen became part of a much larger company, where he saw people struggling to cope with outages (which happens in every company).


“We were always going back and forth between metrics, logs and traces, which is what I always call this kind of treasure hunt, and figure out what was the underlying root cause of the outage or downtime,” said Hernandez van Leyfen. told me.

He said this experience led to some important insights about incident response: firstly, you needed a centralized place to pull all incident data together, and secondly, you needed a centralized location as a distributed team. To manage a distributed system you needed to collaborate in real time, often in different time zones.

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When he left Oracle in August 2020, he began thinking about the idea of ​​giving DevOps teams and SRE the same group editing capabilities that other teams within an organization have with tools like Google Docs or Notion. together and an idea for his new company started. To take shape

What they created with Fiberplane is a collaborative notebook for SRE to pull in different data types and start working together to resolve the incident, while giving a natural overview of what happened and how they resolved the issue. There is an audit trail. Different people can participate in this notebook, just as multiple people can edit a Google document, fulfilling that basic vision.

Fiberplane Collaborative Notebook example consisting of many. image credit: fiberplane

Although he is not planning to stop there. Long Term Vision is an operational platform for SRE and DevOps teams to deal with every aspect of an outage. “That is our starting point, but we plan to expand from there as I would say an SRE workspace, where you are also able to control and control your infrastructure,” he said.

Today the company has 13 employees and it’s growing, and as they do, they’re looking for ways to make sure they’re building a diversified company, and solid strategies to find more diverse candidates. looking at.

“To hire diversified, we are re-examining our top of the funnel processes. Our efforts include posting our jobs in communities of underrepresented people, running our job descriptions through a gender decoder and Jobs include providing access to a large deadline to be open,” said Elena Boroda, marketing manager at Fiberplane.

He said Hernandez Van Leyfen is based in Amsterdam, with the company hiring people in the UK, Berlin, Copenhagen and the US. There are plans to keep Amsterdam as a central hub when offices reopen because most of the staff are located there.

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