fifa 22 It’s just a few weeks away, and EA is slowly revealing new information for all the different game modes that will be available at launch. This time around, EA has decided to show fans some of the new features added to the Volta game mode that was introduced in the first place. fifa 20.

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There was a lot of excitement until the release of Volta, but it quickly died out due to a lack of new features and updates. However, just like career mode fifa 22, it looks like EA is determined to give fans a complete package this year. While Ultimate Team will still remain the focus, it looks like some new ideas are being implemented across all major pillars. fifa 22. This trailer gives fans a glimpse of some of these features.


The trailer begins by showing off the new Signature abilities that have been added to the game. One of these will allow players to achieve a great surge of speed, while the other lets them make offensive tackles without the fear of fouling the opponent. This is followed by footage of disco lava, foot tennis and dodge ball which will be added fifa 22 As a part of Volta Arcade. Foot tennis is probably the most exciting of them all, and it will be interesting to see if the novelty wears off soon after launch. Volta Arcade will include 8 party games, and there will be more games after launch. At the end of the trailer, EA promises to deliver new gear, content, and locations for each season of Volta.

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While Volta In fifa 21 Having struggled to maintain an active player base over the years, these new additions should add some variety. This will allow fans to play some casual games as they take a break from the competitive aspect of fifa 22. EA previously announced some gameplay changes that will be coming to Volta, and it looks like the mod will be worth playing for more than a few months after launch.

by professionals. also played a full regular match of fifa 22 For fans who want to see all the new features added to the game, including the highly marketed HyperMotion technology. Given that there is no demo available for the game, this will give players a better idea of ​​its look. fifa 22 Launch day.

fifa 22 Will launch on October 1st for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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