For each expansion pack in Cinematic Final Fantasy 14, players have watched the iconic Warrior of Light go through many challenges, and their appearance has changed and become more rigid and intense. In endwalker, players will finally be able to give their characters the stub they’ve developed over the past seven years.

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Back in 2019, before releasing the final patch Final Fantasy 14’s If not now then when shadowbringers Expansion, players noticed that the protagonist in the trailer has a stub that was currently unavailable in the game. Gamer Escape. asked the director and producer of Naoki Yoshida Final Fantasy 14, in an interview if he has any plans to add this or other new character customization options in the future.

I see… honestly I didn’t even know about this! (laughs)

In our trailers, we depict the Warrior of Light as a symbol of sorts to represent the Warriors of Light across the world. If he has stubble, it’s only natural that everyone else can grow something… I’ll definitely keep that in mind!


Content creators participating in the media tour discover the many exciting details that come with endwalker, not the least of them being the new face option for male Heuer Midlanders, and with it, the ability to have the five o’clock shadow they were promised. In addition to the inclusion of new playable races and hairstyles, this is the first example Final Fantasy 14 Adding a new character customization option to existing races in the game’s history.

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As anyone paying attention to MMORPGs can attest, character customization options are incredibly important to players. Last year, world of Warcraft It included a number of new customization options that allowed them to provide more inclusive choices for the characters, and although imperfect in its execution, the additions were universally regarded as positive. fans of Final Fantasy 14 There are mixed opinions on the character customization available in the game right now, so an expanded and improved system can only benefit the game.

Final Fantasy 14 Fans are excited for what this new adaptation could mean for the future of character customization in the game. If the joining of this new face and stub is a sign Final Fantasy 14’s Intended to add more options to the characters in the game, players could eventually see new faces or even more drastic customizations, such as a different Horn and Face option for a scaled-up au ra or new Sabres options that were half-Alezen or Garalion. characters will be allowed. Many players hope this could eventually lead to more inclusive options Final Fantasy 14 Pot.

Still, many players are disappointed by how limited the options are. Final Fantasy 14 included so far. Right now, it’s only available to male Midlander heirs with a single face – not even nearly as many Highlander heirs can access it. Players expect this option to be expanded to other playable races in the game, and possibly even female characters. whereas Final Fantasy 14 Players have a great reputation for listening, with the surprising inclusion of men like Veera. endwalker And with the promise of female horthgars in the future, fans of the game will have to wait and see when and if other options will be added to the game.

Final Fantasy 14 Now available on PC, PS4 and PS5. endwalker Launch on 23 November

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