Final Fantasy 14: EndwalkerEarly Access starts in just over a month, which will give players who pre-ordered the expansion pack four days to dive into its exciting content and story ahead of its official launch. Today, the game announced the start date for the latest Moogle Treasure Trove event: October 19th; Just a month before Early Access launched.

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Final Fantasy 14Moogle Treasure Trove is a recurring event that enables players to collect a special currency by completing old content and then exchange it for special rewards. The event has no set schedule, which means Square Enix is ​​able to pull it out of the drawer whenever a material is dry, such as by a major patch or extension in months.


The prizes awarded in Moogle Treasure Trove events are usually rare and hard-to-find items, such as mounts, minions, and musical orchestration roles, that can be played in the player’s house. However, each of these events usually has at least one special, exclusive item that can only be obtained during the event. This time, that item is the Inferno Jacket – a sleek looking leather jacket with flame patterns and the iconic last dream Summon Ifrit, on the back – which was previously exclusive to Chinese and Korean players, but was unlocked as a global prize through a community event in July.

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The first Moogle Treasure Trove event took place two years ago, during a material sluggishness until its immediate release. shadowbringers, Final Fantasy 14The last, critically acclaimed expansion of . Since then, Square Enix has revived the event several times with unique rewards for completing different types of content within the game. This is the sixth time the event has become available, and this time, the focus of the dungeon that offers the Irregular Tomestone of Lore – the collectible currency for this part of the event – ​​is focusing on the dungeons that lead to the story’s epic conclusion. operate as. The game’s arc, which means that players experiencing these battles for the first time will have no trouble finding groups.

This is one of the last events Final Fantasy 14 Players will have to wait before imminent release endwalker. Irregular Tomestones of Lore will be available to collect until official release endwalker, so players will have just one month to collect the rewards offered by the event. Players can exchange their Tomstones for rewards until the expansion is released, so they won’t have to worry about losing their work until patch 6.1 early next year.

Apart from this incident, Final Fantasy 14 Fans will get a glimpse of the upcoming changes to its playable jobs endwalker Through influencers invited to the media tour, who are allowed to share their experiences from tomorrow, 13 October. With another “producer’s live letter” scheduled for two weeks before Early Access launches, Warriors of Light is over the moon with things to do ahead of the expansion pack’s official launch.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Will release on November 23 for PC, PS4 and PS5.

Source: Final Fantasy 14 Website

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