Square Enix MMO Final Fantasy 14 Currently peaking in popularity, reaching 26 million subscribers. That’s a staggering number, considering how big a game it is. Final Fantasy 14 With its own base game and three major expansions, each has its own lengthy campaign. still all eyes Final Fantasy 14upcoming expansion endwalker, the planned “finale” for the current story arc. Square Enix is ​​excited too, and is promising an experience bigger than a modern RPG.

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speaking as part of recent Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker The media event, game director Naoki Yoshida, had big promises to fans. To give an idea of ​​what he meant by a modern RPG in greater detail, Yoshida added more context by saying that endwalker will be bigger than the last Final Fantasy 14 Suffice it to say the detail, Final Fantasy 14 What players would be satisfied with enjoying the amount of content in the previous expansion endwalker will provide.


Elaborating on what he meant in a larger detail, Yoshida indicates the amount of material found. endwalkerthe story of. He says he does not want to give a specific figure for comparison, but that there is “a lot” of it, especially when looking at “amount of text,” “cutscenes” and other story material. endwalker than, say, shadowbringers. let’s say endwalker is the end of the story that has been told since Final Fantasy 14: A Realm RebornIn the beginning, it’s clear that Square Enix wants the story to end properly.

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As exciting as it is to hear that Square Enix is ​​putting in the time and effort endwalker that the ending actually deserves, it’s also unlikely to come as a surprise Final Fantasy 14 players. one thing that Final Fantasy 14 Has never failed to deliver enough story material. to heavenhandjob stormblood, And shadowbringers There are trips that can take days if not weeks to finish, leaving players physically and emotionally exhausted. last dream Players can also be told that they are getting their third extra serving of dinner.

That’s a major part of Final Fantasy 14 However, it has received such a warm welcome among its players. This is actually an epic fantasy story, not the same as the previous major last dream game but big too. Yoshida and the team want to go big for their story finale, which shows how much the team gets. What is this Final Fantasy 14 Players are asking.

Yoshida reiterated his views on the matter at the time Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker This is the end of the story, it is not the end of the story Final Fantasy 14. Nevertheless, he is rather cryptic on the subject. However, if the largest expansion Final Fantasy 14 What’s found isn’t enough, it’s clear there’s more to come endwalker Arrives this November.

Final Fantasy 14 Now available on PC, PS4 and PS5. endwalker Launch on 23 November

Source: MMORPG.com

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