back in may, Final Fantasy 14 Shown off several new locations that Warriors of Light will visit endwalker Expansion. with restrictions on endwalker Media Tour Ends Today, Streamers, Raiders, and world of Warcraft The refugees who were invited to participate took a closer look at the two new areas as well as one of the hub cities.

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During Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker On the media tour, fans were able to explore and battle Garlemald, the center of a high-tech Magitech empire currently reeling from political struggles, and Thavneir, a Technicolor paradise with Indian-inspired imagery. They were also able to visit Old Sherlyn, one of two new cities where players would spend time during and after the story. minor spoiler for Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers And endwalker Follow.


as players who completed shadowbringers You know, there’s some trouble going on in the Garalian Empire endwalker, and a quick tour of the capitol’s snow-capped ruins may show that the city has lost any semblance of its earlier order. To make matters worse, FATEs in the area hint at an “unknown male factor”, reprogramming Magitec constructions to spawn and attack anyone, whether they are Allied forces or Garalians. Refugees. In contrast, Thavaneer is a bright and beautiful forest full of color and opulence. Although not surrounded by fearless bots, adventurers will surely face a different kind of struggles, such as those found within the Tower of Zote, the expansion’s first dungeon.

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endwalker concept art reaper

Since then to heaven, each Final Fantasy 14 The expansion has safe havens where players can find various services and features here and in endwalker, Old Charlemagne is one of the two hub cities that serves a similar function as the Christarium shadowbringers. Beyond the wonderful sculptures and giant-maned kiosks, players will find an old and prestigious city of scholars, magic and science, with a long legacy of learning thanks to individual classes devoted to certain areas of study. The reclusive city is selective with whom it enters its borders, so there are certainly many mysteries to be discovered. endwalker.

Final Fantasy 14 has already revealed some other areas that were not revealed in the media tour, including Labyrinthos, an underground area illuminated by an artificial sun, Mare Lamentorium, a mysterious area on the moon of Hydelin full of mysterious buildings, and Radz-et. -Han included. , the capital city of Thavanair and the second hub city of endwalker. As if they weren’t exciting enough, Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker There’s another area or two in store for fans that haven’t been revealed, and will have to explore following the expansion’s release next month.

With the media tour ban now over, some fan favorites next week, and a final live letter from the producer in just three weeks, Final Fantasy 14 Fans have a lot to do next month.

Final Fantasy 14 Now available on PC, PS4 and PS5. endwalker Launch on 23 November

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