Together Final Fantasy 14: endwalker A little over a month away, players are watching and rewatching the new Job Action trailer that was released a few weeks ago, trying to figure out what new skills and abilities their favorite new Jobs are getting. Huh. However, as is often the case with MMORPGs, many tooltips for these new technologies have been released on the Internet—despite the fact that the information was to be classified by next week.

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During the producer’s live letter, the developers also announced their Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Media Tour, where they will invite popular streamers and content creators to experience new playable jobs and give them plenty of time to compile videos and footage. However, these streamers were under a non-disclosure agreement that doesn’t expire until October 13, after which time they would be free to share what they learned and made.


And yet, a full week before the NDA’s expiration date, information leaked from endwalker hit the world wide web. Full advanced tooltips for the Tanks and Healer classes were uploaded to Final Fantasy 14 Discussion subreddit (though thankfully not official), and some of the skills and abilities of other jobs are trickling in afterwards. As one can imagine, the streamers invited to the media tour weren’t enthusiastic about anyone leaking this information behind the back of the development team.

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Information leaks are not uncommon, especially for MMORPGs. Asmongold, a popular world of Warcraft Streamer who recently debuted Final Fantasy 14, in response to these leaks, said that some games, such as world of Warcraft, use leeks as extras, and expect and encourage them to such an extent that many believe it accounts for some of them. Final Fantasy 14On the other hand, does not.

Naoki Yoshida, director and producer Final Fantasy 14has said that leaking information is “the worst thing you can do”, as it ruins the experience of both the players and the development team who have worked so hard for their players. This isn’t the first time that information has leaked ahead of the game’s schedule—both stormblood And shadowbringers The expansion faced similar problems, and Yoshida has strongly condemned it both times.

With our three fan festivals as well as our patch updates, we tried to bring out the elements that would surprise our players, and we wanted to bring an encounter that people might not have imagined. It is very important for us to provide that amazing joy. So leaking information is taking away that joy and ruining that initial contact and feeling we want our players to experience. So this is unacceptable and unforgivable.

Another reason is that it ruins the efforts of the development team. We have a few hundred people working on it daily, and when a spoiler comes out, it destroys the work they’ve worked for. As someone responsible for the development team, I have no words to describe how unfortunate this is. This is extremely disappointing. Square Enix does its due diligence as a whole and investigates all incidents of such leaks. They are taken very seriously.

On the other hand, some players don’t see any problem with the leaks. He believes that it is unfair that Final Fantasy 14 Uses gameplay information in this way as a marketing tool, as other MMORPGs tend to loosen up with class changes during expansion cycles, such as guild wars 2 elite specialization beta event or world of warcraft Pre-patch event. Together Final Fantasy 14’s With the rise in popularity, there is bound to be an increase in conflict among players, who all want different things from the game. As the community grows, veteran players hope newcomers can have the same respect they have Final Fantasy 14 The team and their wishes.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalkr will release on November 23 for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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