Final Fantasy 14 is the most profitable Final Fantasy ever, says director

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When Final Fantasy 14 first launched in 2010, it was in utter shambles. And yet, 11 years, 3 expansions and a total reboot later, director Naoki Yoshida points out that the massive MMO is now the most profitable Final Fantasy ever.

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Yoshida mentioned in a digital preview event that FF14 recently hit 24 million players (thanks, ign) this is more than double that of the game in 2017, reaching 10 million subscribers with the game’s second major expansion, Stormblood.

Yoshida now claims that FF14 is the most profitable of any Final Fantasy entry. Granted, most of the other FF games are linear, one-to-one RPGs while 14 are ongoing MMOs with a monthly subscription and an in-game store. But it’s still surprising that the once troubled MMO has outperformed more famous entries like Final Fantasy 7.


(image credit: Square Enix)
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“You all know how difficult things were for us with the original Final Fantasy 14,” Yoshida said. “Since then, we were able to change the title to one that provides a substantial contribution to our company’s profits.”

He further stated that it is now the most profitable entry in the Final Fantasy series. “It’s probably unfair of me to say, but in terms of our business, we’ve been able to achieve great success. Going forward, we’re not going to spend any money with our investments to make sure that this game is a great success.” Keep it up that our players can enjoy.”

Despite the new surge in FF14’s popularity coming from a so-called exodus from WoW, Yoshida isn’t keen on pitting the two games against each other – notable saying that “this whole conversation about surpassing WoW Wrong conversation and it’s honestly upsetting”.

Final Fantasy 14 is currently gearing up for its fourth and (not quite) final expansion, Endwalker. With a climax story and new classes, Endwalker also hopes to improve FF14’s housing market position by removing the first-come, first-served approach.

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