Final Fantasy 14 Fast becoming the MMORPG of choice for many players. Emerging from a tale of failure to a true success, the game sees players traveling their world, enjoying its engaging story and soundtrack, and chasing the rarest Mt. Final Fantasy 14 with focus.

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However, some of the best parts of Final Fantasy 14 The code in the game is not done by the developers, but rather is made wholesale by the players. NS Final Fantasy 14 The community is notoriously fun, and they have some seriously creative ways to be entertained. Case in point: Two in-game cosplayers are intent on bringing joy to other players through Chicken’s magic.


Thanks to a robust costume system, detailed Final Fantasy 14 Cosplay isn’t limited to outside sports. One player, who goes by _Vard_, regularly cosplays as Colonel Sanders within the game itself, copying the iconic look of the KFC mascot to a tee. With a giant white hat and pure white suit, as well as the iconic facial hair, _Vard_ photobombs other players with the occasional hilarious antics. These are often accompanied by another player dressed as a giant chicken as the Colonel’s arch-nemesis. When the two meet, the wings fly away.

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The two have several short clip shoots that show off their comedy, and that’s great. A bit shows the chicken climbs into the wall using a pre-programmed motion, only for _Vard_ to exit as a colonel. Another depicts a hen moving quietly over a fire. One thing everyone should know before starting Final Fantasy 14 It’s that the community is very inclusive and likes to have fun with multiple players. So it’s no surprise when one player stepped up to a roaming rooster and opened fire on them, joining in on the joke.

This is hardly the first time a player has attacked others with elaborate, comical attire and attitude. Final Fantasy 14. Recently, a different player dressed up as Todd Howard at LunarCon and tried to sell copies to festival-goers. Skyrim Inside Final Fantasy 14.

Coincidentally, _Vard_ is also ready to sell something: anyone who asks him for some KFC will receive an item in the game worth $5. Nice to know that when many Final Fantasy 14 Players cause chaos, usually in a fun and creative way. from copies of Skyrim For KFC, players are lighting up a fantasy world with their own fantasies.

Final Fantasy 14 Now available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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