Final Fantasy 14 Players are eagerly waiting for the launch of its new expansion, endwalker, This is the culmination of a ten year old story last dream The MMO offers a huge amount of new content for fans. Final Fantasy 14 Some have been set back with delays, only adding to the anticipation and hype of fans. With the expansion now available for Early Access, it was inevitable that servers would also be affected by the huge amount of traffic from players.

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for last weekend, Final Fantasy 14 The game has been hit with an error code related to its queuing system. This code, in particular, has been a source of disconnection. When a player is waiting in the login queue, he is disconnected due to an error. Several instances of this code were reported by players who said they would receive this error and be kicked out of the queue.


in a blog post by Final Fantasy 14 Sports director Naoki Yoshida, he explained the reason for the heavy traffic and the ongoing situation. The main reason for this congestion is that all world servers in all regions have hit login caps for too long, resulting in slow queues. This extends to simultaneous logins approaching the company’s hardware limits, leading to longer login times, especially during Final Fantasy 14peak hours.

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After this, the post said that all those players who are having trouble logging in will be compensated. Final Fantasy 14, Where . during the official release of endwalker On December 7, players will be given 7 days of free game time. This offer will be available to subscribers who have the full version of the game, and players who are currently playing a 30-day free play period when registering for the full game.

Yoshida’s post notes how the situation develops and if problems persist, additional free game time may be provided for Final Fantasy 14 players. The timing of these free games as well as any other extensions will be announced at a future date. The blog post also includes a list of explanations of various error codes that players have experienced over the weekend, and the procedures to be followed to fix them.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Available now in Early Access on PC, PS4 and PS5.

Source: square Enix

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