Final Fantasy 14’s game director doesn’t like the drama surrounding World of Warcraft’s player exodus

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It’s no secret that Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida is a big fan of World of Warcraft, describing it as one of his biggest influences. whereas Final Fantasy 14’s infamous redemption story Surely saved it from ruin, Yoshida fans don’t enjoy watching the credits count for an alleged exodus of World of Warcraft players from Final Fantasy 14’s recent skyrocketing game, which is part of Blizzard’s high-rise. The profile is wrong with its long-running MMO.

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Yoshida said that many high-profile WoW streamers have switched by chance, but no one is telling people to leave World of Warcraft to play Final Fantasy 14. “[And they’re not saying that] Because you started Final Fantasy 14, you can never go back to WoW, you know? I’m afraid I’m not really fond of that tendency of people being like, ‘Oh, this person has gone into such and such games.'”

Yoshida’s comments come in the wake of several high-profile WoW influencers who have taken a break from the MMO to play Final Fantasy 14 instead. Most notably, WoW streamer Asmongold has spent more time playing Final Fantasy 14, along with other prominent YouTubers such as JesseCox, BellularGaming, and husband-and-wife duo Taliesin and Evitel. Naturally, this will inspire his audience to probably give Final Fantasy 14 a try as well.


In addition to the massive amount of work Final Fantasy 14’s development team put into rebuilding the MMO, the game also benefited from a meme-worthy free trial pitch and excitement around the Endwalker expansion coming in November. But it’s also hard to ignore that many people are swapping in the wake of Blizzard’s multiple sex discrimination lawsuits. And then there are the complaints with World of Warcraft itself, which has sunk into one of its toughest content thanks to the massive updates and delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Yoshida thinks too many players are making very Bigger scam than this. In an interview with PC Gamer, he said that he is happy that people are so passionate about games and other media that they feature, including Final Fantasy 14. What worries them is the mindset that fans of a game must be completely devoted to.

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“But I’m also concerned that some of these people are getting too zealous to the point that they’re tying people down, chaining people up and going into the community and almost hitting those people. There are attackers who want to take a break sometimes and maybe enjoy a different game and chain them up like that,” Yoshida said.

Yoshida said that leaving a game like World of Warcraft and watching it again after some time could allow players to “re-recognize some of the items they were provided with.” For Yoshida, it also includes Final Fantasy 14 players who take a break from their game to play New World.

“It’s wonderful,” said Yoshida. “I think it’s important that we get exposed to new sports. It’s a new kind of excitement, so it keeps us fresh.”

Certainly Yoshida has reflected a lot on his time with other MMOs. He cites World of Warcraft along with EverQuest, Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot Some of his biggest gaming addictions.

This isn’t the first time Yoshida has had to gracefully brush off the cynical comparison between the fall of World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14’s redemption arc.

“The hard work we put into Final Fantasy 14 has paid off,” Yoshida said. July 2021 Livestream. “But this whole conversation about crossing the wow is the wrong conversation and it’s honestly upsetting.”

In that July 2021 interview, Yoshida later responded to the interviewer’s hopes that he would say that Final Fantasy 14 is “the best”, adding, “If I were that type of guy, we would have been able to get our footing along the way. Don’t miss out and 14 love so many people.”

Final Fantasy 14 has seen no shortage of positive coverage and a growing number of players. On Steam, the game became a hit Peak of about 47,000 players concurrently Back in July, that doesn’t even include a dedicated launcher or console player.

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