From pointy-haired cloud struggle, to loud and plucky cat Sith, Final Fantasy 7 Featuring some of the most iconic and strangest characters in the series. For years gamers have been puzzled about what kind of creature Stoic Raid XIII actually is, but the director of Final Fantasy 7The remake of Tetsuya Nomura, shares what they think he is.

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Raid XIII, or Nanaki, joins the Cat Sith as the only non-human members of the player’s party. last dream 7. The maroon animal hails from Cosmo Canyon, and quickly joins the player’s party Final Fantasy 7 (or late final fantasy 7 remake) during the party’s siege on Shinra headquarters to save Areth Gainsborough. As the last of his kind, Raid XIII was captured by Shinra and experimented with by Professor Hj, the mad scientist hoping to eventually interbreed him and Aerith in order to preserve both their species. after the events of Final Fantasy 7, and in what is supposed to be the end of the game’s timeline, Raid XIII appears with his cubs overlooking the ruins of Midgar.


According to an interview with Nomura, Final Fantasy 7‘s red thirteenth is actually a feline despite widespread fan beliefs. Reddit user aliases shared a quote from Nomura final fantasy 7 remake subreddit where they explain the origins of a scene Final Fantasy 7: The Arrival of Children Where Cat Sith can be seen riding Raid XIII. Nomura details that during the creation of Parasite Eve, they wanted to create a game without any human characters, where the player controls a cat riding on the back of a dog, which in turn inspired the scene in the film. Despite this, Nomura said in translation, “But I think since Raid XIII is a type of cat, it would actually be a cat riding a cat in this case,” before laughing.

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It is unknown how old this quote from Nomura is, but it is strange nonetheless that Nomura’s views contradict some of Raid XIII’s depictions of the time. advent Childrenrelease of. One of the most obvious examples is the iconic line final fantasy 7 remake Where Raid XIII himself states that he is a “lab rat dog”, something Barrett tries to make sense of in the first few scenes. Fans generally describe Red XIII as a mix between a lion and a wolf, as he has the physical characteristics of both, such as the tail of a lion but the muzzle of a wolf.

There is apparently still ambiguity about Red XIII as a creature, considering its ambiguity with Nomura’s own “kind of” answer. However, it lends a more sense of comedy to all the scenes where Raid XIII is treated as a dog, knowing that the original creator has more cat-fiction in her. Hopefully players will be able to take advantage of Red XIII’s feline qualities Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Through platforming or combat.

final fantasy 7 remake Out now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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