One of the most positively received games from Square Enix in recent years final fantasy 7 remake, This remake brings back many classic moments, locations and characters, allowing players to experience a whole new version of the classic. While the game was released on PS4 back in 2020, a final fantasy 7 remake The PC port was also revealed at The Game Awards. More specifically, it was of the port Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, which is the enhanced and expanded version that was released on PS5. It includes improved visuals, exclusive exposure mode, and even a comprehensive photo mode.

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The photo mode introduced in this version lets fans take some amazing screenshots of the game’s locations, characters, and enemies. Some fans have even managed to use final fantasy 7 remakePhoto mode to restore color in some flashback scenes, enhances the experience. Thanks to the remake now being ported to PC, fans have been able to modify certain aspects of the game, including the photo mode. This allowed a fan to show how Photo Mode could be used to make the remake more accurate to the original.


In a video by YouTuber Final FanTV, final fantasy 7 remakeThe opening six minutes have been changed to use the fixed camera from the PS1 original. The video follows Cloud and Avalanche during the game’s iconic bombing mission, with the camera angles recreated in the remake. The player also mimics the same camera pan and side angles during combat, with Claude Shinra attacking the Soldiers with combat that is purposefully made to look like the original.

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As the video continues, the original camera’s high and wide angles are being implemented. final fantasy 7 remake, showing off the remake’s immense depth and scale in relation to its set pieces – the Shinra reactor in particular. The video includes a side-by-side comparison of the original game, where fans can see differences in regions despite their similar layout.

These all use the fixed camera angle modding tool that was developed by Otis_Inf for the game’s photo modes. According to Final FanTV, however, the video is meant more as a “proof-of-concept” that may inspire future ways final fantasy 7 remake, Some of the suggestions he listed for such a potential full-on mode would be to stick with the game’s usual combat camera, as it could interfere with actual gameplay. He suggests leaving the cutscene camera as it is, where Classic Cam mode would be best for exploration. With the game now on PC, it may be time to develop such a quality-of-life mod overhaul.

final fantasy 7 remake Available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans show off amazing images taken with Photos Mode

Fans of Final Fantasy 7 Remake are admiring the game’s art in the newly added photo mode, showing stunning screenshots of the world.

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