The Nvidia GeForce Now streaming platform has had a potentially massive data leak, revealing unannounced games including some big Square Enix titles. While fans should still take this leak with a mass of salt, some of the information in it is backed by reliable sources, including Windows Central’s Jez Corden, who confirmed some of the Xbox-related information. does not mean that everything The leak is accurate, but there’s still a lot of exciting stuff in the leak last dream For fans to consider.

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there are four last dream Projects mentioned in the leak. assuming the leaks are right it looks like last dream fans may be able to look ahead Final Fantasy Tactics Reimagined At some point down the line, with a long-rumored PC port final fantasy 7 remake, and a final PC port Final Fantasy 16. However, perhaps the most shocking game mentioned in the leak is a Final Fantasy 9 The remake, although it is possible that this is actually a reference to an improved version of what already exists.


There is some corroborating evidence that makes this Nvidia GeForce Now leak more legitimate than other leaks, but it is always best to keep one’s expectations in mind. It is quite possible that these games are listed for testing purposes only and do not exist as real projects. That being said, it would be hard to find last dream fans who won’t be excited at the prospect of a final fantasy strategy or remaster or full blown remake Final Fantasy 9. The latter seems almost too good to be true, however, Square Enix isn’t even close to being with its work. final fantasy 7 remake So far.

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if one Final Fantasy 9 The remake exists and it’s not just typos or placeholder text, one has to imagine when it will be announced. As it stands, Square Enix has a ton on its plate and is actively developing several last dream game, so it seems it’s too early to throw Final Fantasy 9 Remakes on the stack too. However, Square Enix has been confirmed for Tokyo Game Show, so fans might get some answers soon about some of these potentially leaked projects.

Of the “leaked” games, the most reliable is final fantasy 7 remake And Final Fantasy 16 PC port. a final fantasy 7 remake The PC port has leaked several times, and Final Fantasy 16 There is only one time-PS5 exclusive, with plans to bring it to other platforms after the exclusivity window is over. Square Enix has already brought many of its flagship games to PC and so one has to imagine FF16 Will finally come on stage.

none of these possible last dream The projects have been announced in an official capacity at the time of this writing.

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