The developer is widely known as the creator of last dreamHironobu Sakaguchi, recently went online to share his experience Final Fantasy 14, commenting on the story as he progresses through the game. This has been seen as an upvote from fans, especially considering how long he has had a hand in the development of Sakaguchi. last dream Topic.

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Although Sakaguchi is credited as the creator of last dream, the developer left Square Enix in 2004 and has since founded the development company Mistwalker. So, with Sakaguchi diving apart a moment like this Final Fantasy 14 For fun, he has not joined the series, instead moving on to work on the titles. lost odyssey And this Terra Battle Chain.


In a tweet, Sakaguchi shared a photo of his Lalafel character, along with a caption about the story leading up to the Gates of Judgment in Ishgard. The story of the developer mentions that Final Fantasy 14 Fast forward to the fore, which is one aspect of the game that has drawn many players to the ongoing MMO for some time now. However, the original commentary is in Japanese, so there may be some nuance in the exact remarks that get lost in translation, such as Sakaguchi mentioning that the sense of isolation in the game helps propel the game forward.

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Fans commenting on the tweet have also started sharing their enjoyment. Final Fantasy 14Congrats to Sakaguchi on his progress along with the job and story elements. Overall, the fanbase, also commenting mostly in Japanese, appeared to appreciate both the game itself, as well as Sakaguchi for his role in bringing the series to the first place. especially considering that the developer influenced the fictional aspects of the earlier last dream A series on science fiction, it appears to be a great match for fans of Sakaguchi and his work.

Together Final Fantasy 14 Looking at more players now than ever before, it seems the series creators are enjoying the game so much for some of these new and experienced players. Judging by their work on everything already last dream As for other titles in the series that find their way to the top of fan favorite games lists like Final Fantasy 9, Sakaguchi’s opinion has some significance among the community. It’s exciting to see him enjoying his progress now, especially considering he doesn’t have an obligation to be a current employee working for Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 14 Now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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