With every Nintendo Direct comes a fair share of surprises. From Surprise Game Releases, Like What Happened to It Castlevania Advance Collection Today, for the general surprise announcements of games currently in development. One of the surprise announcements to come out of nowhere for the latest Direct was Chocobo GP, a new racing game starring Chocobo, is bringing some of your favorite friends from another last dream Topic.

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As marginal force Remains an ever-popular gaming franchise, almost as popular as the chocobos and moguls from the series are remembered with the series as the mascots of RPGs. Yellow Birds has seen special solo spin-offs starring a smaller, cuter crater for the past several years, and it looks like the bird is back after the Chocobo trademark was filed last year.


Chocobo GP is a unique racing game starring many different last dream As characters they enter a special racing tournament where the will to “do whatever they want” is the prize. Obviously, the only condition to enter the race is that their mode of transport of choice requires wheels, hence the namesake bird on roller skates. other marginal force Cast members are riding along the crater in several different modes of transportation while competing for victory.

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The game features racers using “magisite” as items in the game, which can be used to cast different last dream Aero-like spells. The more magicite the player collects, the stronger the spell; going through ff’s The usual three-stage spell upgrade series. The shared trailer currently shows several different tracks; such as The Gold Saucer, Seeds Test Track, and From Alexandria Final Fantasy 9.

Chocobo GP A cute, fun sounds racing game for fans to play alone or share with friends. For last dream fans who want another Chocobo Racing Titled for years, this might be exactly what they’ve been waiting for with the potential for improvements, and possibly an updated character roster and DLC.

While it sounds fun, being whimsical and cute isn’t already enough to stand out against other similar titles like best-selling mario kart 8. Many kart racers have tried to stack up against the market, and not many have made their mark. The gameplay looks rather promising, but how cool Chocobo GP Will have to wait till the games come out in 2022.

Chocobo GP Launched in 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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