Financial flash mobs meet fundraising memes

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hello and welcome back share, a podcast about the business of startups where we uncover the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

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This is our Wednesday episode when we come across the same topic, looking to expand our understanding of one particular technology trend or another. And this week, it was all about ConstitutionDAO.

For those who weren’t online last week, here’s what you missed: A very subtle group of strangers on the Internet banded together to attempt to buy one of the remaining thirteen copies of Constitution. with crypto. The bold quote eventually fell short, but was seen by many as a motivator. Move on to how communities can mobilize around a common goal in the world of Web3. The whole movement, from its memes to its poetic beginnings, and billionaire Ken Griffin-themed, ending, was too interesting not to devote an entire episode to equity.


Therefore, Natasha And alex brought on Lucas Matney And Anita Ramaswamy To unpack, decompress and bond to our shared experience of watching this ‘financial flash mob’.

We talked about what a DAO is, and what they can be used for. We dug into the question of how many people actually tried out the big “Web 3” space. And, of course, we had to talk more broadly about gas fees, NFTs, and the pace of innovation in crypto. Lucas even made an excellent analogy to explain the level-two series!

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The crew was generally optimistic on the blockchain economy, if some of its current uses were skeptical. In short, the potential in crypto remains strong, even though some of its projects are, today at least, a bit more boring than a success. Crypto, we’re told, is about to rock the world. More of that, we believe, and less of the meme-wars will go wrong.

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