FireAlpaca is a free digital painting software available in 10 languages ​​and compatible with both Mac and Windows. Simple tools and controls make it easy to draw illustrations. New handy tools will be added one by one.


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A crisp and clear stroke, watercolor too

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Pen, Pencil, AirBrush and Watercolor are ready to use in default settings, you can also customize your own pen. Sharp pen strokes and soft-edged watercolor effects are the most popular types of brushes.

Simple and easy

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FireAlpaca is extremely simple, does not require complex controls, highly recommended for beginner digital painting software users and of course advanced users.

Mac is also user friendly

Free digital painting software for Mac users is not very common, but FireAlpaca is available for both Mac and Windows and the file can be exchanged between Mac and Windows.

Free forever

FireAlpaca is a free digital painting software. You just need a computer and FireAlpaca to start drawing.

Light performance

Fast even on an old computer.

Light concentration lines and perspective view

Several comic book templates are already installed by default.

Light original brush

You can easily add different effect brushes by adding your own pattern or image. A symmetrical brush and a rotationally symmetrical pattern brush will create an unexpected pattern.

Comic book template

Several comic book templates are already installed by default.

3D perspective

You can snap to a 3D object such as a cube using 3D Perspective.

FireAlpaca opens a window on startup. This window displays advertisements and information that generates income from the development / operation of this program, which is available to you free of charge. This window also displays notifications, top tips, and update reports.

What’s new

  • Fixed an issue with drawing shapes with a spot brush.
  • Fixed an issue where window positions were not being saved properly.
  • Brush spacing accuracy has been improved.
  • Added “Select Foreground Color Range” item to the selection menu.