A great indication of a video game character’s popularity can be seen in the way they produce the amount of official merchandise. Now, Japanese toy brand Good Smile Company has just announced that pre-orders have begun for the scale figure of the female version of Byleth, the female lead. Fire Emblem: Three Houses,

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Although Fire Emblem: Three Houses This year will turn four, the popularity of the game in the community has not declined. The fandom survives through various online content created by players such as fan art and merchandise as well as character cosplay. What’s more, Nintendo keeps game fans engaged by introducing consistent FE3H characters in its mobile gacha title, fire emblem hero, FEH often one or two three houses Characters in every banner, even seasonal or holidays.


To further cement the love of the players Fire Emblem: Three Houses And while its characters are alive and well, Japanese figure brand Good Smile Company has just announced that pre-orders have opened for a full-scale figure of the female version of Byleth. On the official GSC product page, the pre-order period starts from January 13, 2022, 19:00 PST, until July 20, 2022, 23:59 PST. it gives FE3H Fans took a few months to decide whether to buy this figure, given that it’s pricey. According to the official pre-order pages, the Blythe statue will cost around 25,000 yen or $249.99 USD.

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More details of the figure and product photos have also been shared on the dedicated pages of the Good Smile company. The statue is fairly tall at 1/7th the scale, and will measure 195 mm, or 7.68 inches. Byleth will come with two versions of Sword of the Creator, the character’s iconic weapon Fire Emblem: Three Houses, These options provide two ways to display Belyth, either in the sword’s passive mode or in its powerful, colorful glory. Most fans will probably appreciate the fiery special effects of Sword of Creator 2nd Edition, and players will likely recognize its similarity to the weapon’s in-game effects.

Although Bialeth Figure pre-orders are already open, the stock won’t be shipped to owners until February 2023. This is probably because of the fine details found on the figure, the GSC indicating that part of the paintwork of the statue would be done by hand. Hopefully Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fans will be patient and trust the manufacturers to provide them with high quality products.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Available on Nintendo Switch.

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