Flashpoint Batman (and his whole universe) return for a meta multiversal event, Flashpoint Beyond

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In the main DCU, Bruce Wayne became Batman – but in the DC Omniverse, there is an alternate reality where his father, Thomas Wayne, became Batman in an event called Flashpoint. And this April he’s on his way back home – to find out how his universe came to life, and whether he can bring his dead son back with it.

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Picking up on strands from the 2011 DC event series Flashpoint, where Thomas Wayne/Batman debuted, the new seven-issue comic book series Flashpoint Beyond will return to that universe – but this time the Flash is not at the center of the story. Flashpoint Beyond shows off this dark-colored Batman and other alt-reality versions of the DC icon.


And yes, Flashpoint co-creator/writer Geoff Johns is back to write Flashpoint Beyond.

“This is for fans of the big DC events and the great history of DC when it comes to comic books,” Johns said in the announcement. “And even though it’s an event, it focuses on character over concept — it’s the story of a Thomas Wayne Batman, a Barry Allen who could have been, Bruce Wayne’s crimes — it’s a murder mystery, a secret mission, and a look.” It’s DC’s continuity into the past, present, and future. And as dark as it can be in this inverted world of Flashpoint, it’s fun.”

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Flashpoint Beyond #0 will be written by Johns and produced by Eduardo Riso, who drew the 2011 Flashpoint spin-off, focusing on Thomas Wayne’s Batman. Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance,

The six remaining issues of Flashpoint Beyond will be co-written by Johns, with current Flash writer Jeremy Adams and Teen Titans AcademyTim Sheridan. Former Justice League artist Germanico will portray those issues.

“It’s something that, as a fan, I’ve been waiting for a long time — a return to the world of Flashpoint,” Sheridan says of Flashpoint Beyond. “The fact that I got to be a small part of that comeback is the best thing that ever happened to me and connected with Geoff, Jeremy, Eduardo, Germanico and a team that put their whole heart into it. , has made it nothing less than unreal. I can’t wait for people to see these pages!”

The series begins with a special double-shaped Flashpoint Beyond #0 on April 5, followed by six issues every other week, concluding with Flashpoint Beyond #6 on June 21.

What is Flashpoint Beyond?

At the Flashpoint event of 2011, Thomas Wayne/Batman helped The Flash figure out where his world went wrong and correct the events that formed this tragic version timeline. They succeeded and set about the line-wide DC reboot ‘The New 52’, which erased Flashpoint reality, and the Thomas Wayne/Batman jump into main DCU reality for a temporary appearance in stories like the Batman/Flash crossover.Button,’ recent DC event series infinite frontier, and current Justice League Avatar,

But in Flashpoint Beyond, we learn that Flashpoint reality has survived – and Thomas Wayne/Batman are even more shocked than we are. He will hit the streets in a series of seven points Their How Gotham City Explores the Multidimensional Mysteries of Its Universe was not Die – and if there is any way to resurrect her beloved, late son Bruce.

Along the way, he’ll find a clear lead with a new serial killer named the Clockwork Killer, and this Alt-Batman quest for the villain will lead him to Aquaman, who is actually a domineering dictator of the Kingdom of Atlantis—an empire that has decimated Europe. have won.

And from the looks of the cover, Flashpoint Wonder Woman will also be back for Flashpoint Beyond.

“Working with these talented writers, artists, inks, journalists, colorists and editors for this series has been a privilege and an incredible learning experience,” says Adams. “The talking story and characters have been eye-opening, and the lessons will undoubtedly color everything I do from now on. I’m excited that DC fans will get to go back to the Flashpoint Universe and experience a grounded mystery that’s serious. Will cause philosophical questions to beat your heartbeat.”

Also in the preview images is the presence of an easter egg of ‘5G’, which DC is going a bit meta for. ‘5G’ is a term coined in 2019 to refer to the planned recalculation of the DC Universe to fit all of its various continuities, timelines and universes with another that was at the center of rumors and speculation. Whatever DC’s actual plans eventually developed, DC opted to go with the less-restricted and time-specific DC Omniverse, which was the start Dark Knights: Death Metal #7,

Who is the Clockwork Killer?

There’s no DC character (yet) named the Clockwork Killer, but given Johns’ most recent major series doomsday (and its relation watchman), here the ‘clock’ motif relation is invariable. Especially after it was revealed that Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan was behind the multidimensional shenanigans that led to Flashpoint and then the ‘New 52’.

But there’s more to DC’s past could Might mention – something off the beaten path.

In 2011, the DC series The Spirit featured a story called ‘clockwork killer’ – the exact name of this obvious antagonist from Flashpoint Beyond. In the Spirit series by David Hine and Moritat, the ‘Clockwork Killer’ is a reference to a villain named Professor who builds automatons with clockwork accuracy to kill his opponents. This common name may be minor… but can’t be discounted right now.

Flashpoint’s connection to DC Comic and DC movies

The 2011 Flashpoint comic book event set the stage for the 2011 ‘New 52’ re-launch of the entire DCU, and the Flashpoint series was adapted into a 2013 animated film. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox,

The upcoming live-action film The Flash is somewhat inspired by the Flashpoint event, though it remains to be seen how faithful it will be to the comic book storyline and how much of the multiverse concept will play into its story.

Regardless, the Flashpoint Beyond series is about to end — and possibly be released as a collection — as the Flash movie hits theaters on Nov.

Flashpoint Beyond #0 (out of 6) will be available for sale on April 5.

Interested in the idea of ​​Batman variants? Here’s our list of all the others batman Running Around DC Omniverse,

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