Following developer harassment, Battlefield 2042’s toxic subreddit may go on lockdown

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A tweet thread posted by a Battlefield 2042 spokesperson has resulted in a social media dogpile that could eventually shut down the game’s official subreddit. In response to fans criticizing DICE for its lack of communication and patches in late December, EA Global Coms director Andy McNamara told fans in now-deleted tweets that the Battlefield team was just back to work after the holiday break. has been

“Guys, people have to rest. We have things in motion but we have to figure out what’s possible,” McNamara said. “Let us come back from the break and get back to work. Love you guys but these expectations are brutal. It takes time to scope, design and execute the things you want.”


Some of the answers expressed understanding, but also mocking McNamara or declaring that DICE released a broken game (Battlefield 2042 is buggy, but it’s functional and some of us find it a lot of fun). The dogpile intensifies after the BF2042 subreddit took up the tweets with a post titled “EA/DICE finally responds to the backlash” With over 10,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments. McNamara later deleted his tweets, apologizing for not being more clear in his message, which fans have also taken issue with.

One reply read, “We wanted a finished game. Sorry to be unfair. I think this unfinished buggy sh*t is all you’re capable of making.”

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Another reads, “If I’ve done a bad thing at work I’m going to have to work as long as it needs to stave off failure. I paid $100 for the game and it’s only 20% finished.” But you’re having some nice long vacations. If working as a game developer is too hard, don’t do it.”

(Image credit: @Randomassname20 on Twitter)

Since its launch last November, Battlefield 2042 has had a particularly thorny relationship with the most vocal corner of the Battlefield community. The game immediately launched on Steam to thousands of negative reviews, many of them citing launch bugs and dissatisfaction with 2042’s biggest changes to the series, such as classes being replaced by experts or the need for traditional scoreboards. There is a shortage.

In the following weeks, DICE published a number of blog posts outlining the planned changes, some of which would include the return of “legacy features” fans have been asking for, and deployed three major patches that many Fix early balancing concerns (RIP Dominant Hovercraft) In the patch notes for Update 3.1, DICE said it would be the final update for 2021, noting that the team would “take a break toward the end of” [December] And come back in the new year with fresh eyes ready to embark on the road to Season One.”

McNamara’s tweets drew protests from a community that in some ways felt betrayed by Battlefield 2042, and her comments were framed to be taken as a defense of the game as a whole. They were just another complaint to add to an ever-growing list that contains a mix of reasonable catchphrases, dubious allegations, and extremely specific nitpicks (“no swell crescendo of dramatic music at the end of a match,” read an early Steam review).

Inspired by the latest Dogpile, the BF2042 subreddit mod team published a post today in which a final warning To the community: Be less toxic, or don’t post at all.

a_message_from_the_mod_team From r/battlefield2042

“It’s an understatement when we say this subreddit has become incredibly toxic,” the post reads. “It’s impossible to have a simple discussion without insulting each other—and it’s really starting to hurt the entire battlefield community, and each of us is a part of it.”

An announcement is underway for the subreddit to list some possible futures. If the toxicity remains as it is, the mods will immediately start locking comment threads. If toxicity escalates, mods will resort to total lockdown of the forum.

“Yes, the last two options appear to be nuclear, and we do not wish to use them, but we said we will do whatever we can to reduce the current toxicity,” the post reads. This isn’t the first time the gaming subreddit mod has considered the nuclear option. Last month, Halo’s subreddit was temporarily shut down by the mod following an avalanche of complaints and targeted developer harassment over Halo Infinity’s crappy monetization.

Meanwhile, people are still playing Battlefield 2042. I’m one of those people who is still having a great time with it, especially in short bursts. I’m also looking forward to more experts and maps. What DICE released a teaser for this week there might be a new map Coming to season one (I spy a beach).

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