Since the initial lawsuit was filed over the summer, Activision’s reputation has only gotten more and more toxic. Following allegations of harassment, abuse and discrimination, the general public and the company’s own employees are demanding the removal of CEO Bobby Kotick and even Nintendo, Microsoft and even the company. Sony The lack of activism and action is criticized. However, now Sony has accused itself of more or less the same thing that Activision is in trouble for.

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Former IT security analyst Emma Majo has filed a lawsuit against Sony in California on Monday, according to Nerdshala. The lawsuit alleges that the company is guilty not only of gender discrimination, specifically toward female employees, but also of wrongful dismissal after Majo spoke out about the alleged discrimination.


In addition, the suit states that Sony violated the United States Equal Pay Act, discriminating against all female employees in compensation and promotion. Essentially, it doesn’t pay women as well as men and ignores them in favor of promoting their male co-workers. Majo even claimed she was neglected by a manager, who only ever responded to men, regularly being passed over for promotions (which she says was a common occurrence with other female employees). And the company was fired for submitting a gender bias complaint.

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She notes in the lawsuit that the reason Sony terminated her was due to the closure of an interior department, but Majo’s counterpoint is that she never worked in that department initially. Sony representatives have yet to make an official statement on the allegations. Majo is also seeking court approval to expand the suit into a class action lawsuit on behalf of women who have worked for the PlayStation company over the past few years.

This is unfortunately not a rare occurrence within the industry. Similar allegations were made against Ubisoft just last year. While many high-ranking employees left the company over allegations of harassment and abuse, many employees believe that Ubisoft has done little to address complaints since then. Earlier this month, employee-led organization AbiterUbisoft said that Ubisoft had failed to meet any of its demands and published a petition that anyone can sign, making it appear that Ubisoft has not yet met. At least not publicly responded.

In 2019, Riot Games was also accused of gender discrimination, with CEO Niccol Laurent specifically being responsible for harassing female employees and making unwanted sexual advances. Eager to remind others after the success of some League of Legends netflix shows of distinction,

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