Forspoken lead writer also working on an unannounced AAA game set for 2023

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Lead Forspoken writer Allison Riemer is also contributing to an unannounced AAA game currently scheduled for 2023.

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of rhyme linkedin The profile distinguishes between her work on Forspoken – a “world-made, developed story and script written for AAA video games” – and a mystery “triple-A video game” set for a 2023 release. It’s just a rung on the timeline for now, though. It looks like Rymer joined the project in November 2020 and his work is still ongoing, but that’s all we know about the project, which is yet to be revealed.

That said, based on Rymer’s listing, it appears that whatever studio is making this mystery game has ties to Montreal. Granted, a whole heck of a lot of game studios are based in or have branches in Montreal — including EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Detroit: Being Human House Quantic Dream, Outriders studio People Can Fly, Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs and more. . Forspoken parent Square Enix, which oversees internal developer Luminous Productions — so we’re still barking in the dark.


The main thing here is if you like the world and characters featured in the latest Forspoken trailer, which locks in on the release date In the spring of 2022, you can expect more work from the lead author behind them. Obviously, games can vary dramatically even with shared staff, but it also makes it fun to see how game writers adapt to different settings, themes, and genres.

One thing’s for sure: our own Heather Wald Forspoken. I can’t wait to play with the amazing powers.

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