Fortnite adds another virtual influencer to its battle royale

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The Metaverse Keeps Growing

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Last season, one of the more curious additions fortnite Guggimon, an awesome looking rabbit creature, also happened to be a virtual influencer with millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Guggimon was made by a company called Superplastic—which previously worked with the likes of Gorillaz—and it’s now bringing one of its characters into battle royale: Janki, a streetwear cat (I think?). fortnite Item shop starting tonight.


It may seem like an odd fit, but fortniteFrom sports to music to superheroes, the ever-expanding metaverse is rapidly expanding into nearly every aspect of pop culture. With all this, some of the CG characters partnering up with Gucci and doing Christie’s NXT drops don’t seem all that out of place. It is also part of a growing trend of these virtual influencers moving beyond social networks to places like music videos, press conferences and physical installations.

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