blockbuster battle royale game fortnite Now live with the new Season 8 update, known simply as “Cubed”. The update comes with a new Battle Pass that includes eight new fortnite Skins including a mysterious skin, which will be uncovered as players progress through the Battle Pass.

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Most of the skins available in the Battle Pass appear to be original skins created specifically for the game, but there is at least one existing character — in fact, he’s one of the darkest Marvel characters to ever make it. fortnite. If Venom occurs when a symbiont alien becomes involved with someone who hates Spider-Man, carnage occurs when someone becomes involved with a serial killer, and even fortnite, he comes across as a dangerous person.


In the new trailer for Season 8’s Battle Pass, fortnite The team not only shows off most of the new skins, including Carnage – they also draw attention to the main conflict of Season 8. Many of the skins packed into the Battle Pass will also be found as NPCs scattered throughout the game, including Fabio Sparkleman. , JB Chimpanski, Charlotte, Tuna Fish, Kor, and Torin, the season’s obvious central characters who take center stage in the main art.

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The trailer itself begins with a long shot, showing the Cube players, affectionately known as Kevin, before revealing that it is spreading corruption and opening portals to a dark, monster-filled dimension. is called a sideway, while a deep feminine voice warns that players should know that “we” will return.

The video shows the new skins gliding, shooting, and traveling close to a downed spaceship, while voices announce that the players didn’t save their reality—they just made it to shiny, rock-like monsters and an ominous army. Ready-made masked figure. It also features some new mechanics on the sidewalks, including low-gravity jumps and new weapons. Finally, the voice orders players to rally their defenses, even though by the time she is done, there will only be nothing left. The video then cuts to the key art of Season 8, which shows the long-haired silhouette of the mystery skin. It seems likely that the arrival of more cubes will have significant consequences after the Operation Skyfire incident.

At the time of this writing, it appears that fans are looking forward to this new chapter in the story and the growing skin library. fortnite. Many fans have expressed their excitement to see Kevin again, even though Cube appears to be spiteful. One user commented that Fortnightmares is likely to be incredible this year, while another said they are happy there is another organization for players to fight for. A third user already claimed that season 8 would be much better than season 7, although he did not give specific reasons.

fortnite Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Unreal Engine 5 tech demo adds character to Fortnite game

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