fortnite Has earned a vast arsenal over the years, with the battle royale title able to pull from the many options in its ever-increasing vault. The current season is also giving players the option to vote on whether to bring certain weapons back into circulation. Although there is no official announcement yet fortnite Chapter 3, one of next season’s weapons has already leaked: the new throwable ax weapon.

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Epic Games’ popular free-to-play title is in the final few weeks of its Season 8. The “cubed” season has seen the central point of the island continually evolve into a geometric mecca known as a pyramid. The current season is also highly requested Naruto The crossover finally occurs, bringing the entirety of Team 7 to the island including Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi.


honored fortnite Leaker and dataminer HYPEX revealed two screenshots of weapon models for a new “throwing ax” item. HYPEX includes a comment with the pair of images, stating that there is no other information about them, only the model provided in the game files. Taking a closer look at the axe, there are several stickers and a keychain-like attachment on the handle of Mewscals, which could mean that the beefy cat may have had something to do with it. fortnite Fans are speculating its connection in the comments dead by daylightto hunt God of warLeviathan axe.

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While fan estimates are far-fetched, one thing the majority seem to agree on is that it won’t arrive in-game until next season, which is largely believed to debut. fortnite Chapter 3. The greatest reason for belief is the fact that another throwable object, NarutoThe Paper Bomb of Kunai, was added to the game just a few days ago. The ninja weapon sticks to most surfaces and explodes seconds after impact, and can be thrown over great distances.

fortniteThrowable ax leaks are a sign of exciting weather, although another leak could be far more significant. HYPEX also recently revealed that a sliding mechanic may be on the way fortnite, The leaker revealed a loading screen that is expected to arrive during Chapter 3 that features the slide mechanic, though they don’t know when it will be implemented. HYPEX however did reveal some details about the move, including a two-second cooldown, and that a field-of-sight shift and camera shake would occur during the sliding.

fortniteThe leaked throwable ax weapon, whatever its features, appears to be another dynamic addition to battle royale’s already diverse arsenal. Throwable axes and sliding mechanics may be just the beginning fortnite Chapter 3, as a crossover with math question It has also leaked online.

fortnite Free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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